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  1. Yeah, he "spammed" DW, and it was quickly taken care of. Here's the convo I had with him JUST right after the spam attack :

    [16:51] BigBadGangsta150: Yo
    [16:51] BigBadGangsta150: Heh
    [16:51] trugetaku: who is this?
    [16:51] BigBadGangsta150: BBG
    [16:51] trugetaku: from doomworld forums?
    [16:51] BigBadGangsta150: Yeah
    [16:51] BigBadGangsta150: But lets talk
    [16:51] trugetaku: wtf man
    [16:51] trugetaku: im so pissed
    [16:51] BigBadGangsta150: You're upset
    [16:51] BigBadGangsta150: Yeah
    [16:51] BigBadGangsta150: Well, what does spamming the place up solve?
    [16:51] trugetaku: they insulted me everyon ganged up one me
    [16:51] trugetaku: nothin i guess
    [16:51] BigBadGangsta150: Ok, then stop
    [16:51] trugetaku: my ip is banned now :-/
    [16:52] BigBadGangsta150: It's not even effective spam :-P
    [16:52] BigBadGangsta150: Well, dude
    [16:52] BigBadGangsta150: What's your issue?
    [16:52] trugetaku: the scrolling message by my avatar
    [16:52] BigBadGangsta150: And that's the problem?
    [16:52] BigBadGangsta150: Jeez
    [16:52] BigBadGangsta150: I've had so many insulting titles in my time
    [16:52] trugetaku: yes,that insults me and was offensive
    [16:52] trugetaku: what did i say to diserve that
    [16:52] BigBadGangsta150: And I DEALT WITH IT
    [16:52] BigBadGangsta150: Well
    [16:52] BigBadGangsta150: That thread about the TCHP or whatever
    [16:53] BigBadGangsta150: That was pretty stupid :-/
    [16:53] trugetaku: but whatever,i closed doombunker.net and have deleted the novashock wad,thats how pissed i am
    [16:53] trugetaku: maybe
    [16:53] BigBadGangsta150: Why are you doing all that?
    [16:53] BigBadGangsta150: Then they win
    [16:53] BigBadGangsta150: Think about that
    [16:53] trugetaku: let them win,they dont care i dont care
    [16:53] trugetaku: i am making it for them not me
    [16:53] trugetaku: so if thats how they feel then oh well
    [16:53] BigBadGangsta150: Make it for me then
    [16:53] BigBadGangsta150: Heh
    [16:54] BigBadGangsta150: Make it for all the people that like...love wads and stuff
    [16:54] trugetaku: i deleted man,what little work i did is gone
    [16:54] BigBadGangsta150: Hmm
    [16:54] BigBadGangsta150: That sucks dude
    [16:54] BigBadGangsta150: *snickers*
    [16:54] BigBadGangsta150: Ok, I can't keep this facade up
    [16:54] BigBadGangsta150: You're a fag

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    2. AndrewB


      Well, I... oh, it's you. N/M.

    3. fraggle


      AndrewB said:

      You're not just insulting him, you're insulting about a 10% demographic of the world. No different than "You're just a stupid black" or "Screw off, Jew."

      Shut up, idiot.

    4. deldelda


      BBG said:

      /me hugs AndrewB

      I know you're not gay......I think, and it doesn't matter anyway.

      /me hugs AndrewB again