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  1. First, I will begin by talking about the new guns and the tactical shield.

    Galil (sp?) - Terrorist weapon. Cheap, decent power and accuracy but it ain't no AK-47. It sucks ass for spray and pray, but if you keep it controlled, it's pretty good.

    Famas - Counter-Terrorist weapon. Cheap as well, but it lacks power. It can be switched to burst mode, like the Glock, but it sucks a lot, like the Glock.

    The Tactical Shield - Counter-Terrorist equipment. This thing pretty much encourages camping IMO. Nothing can penetrate it, except an H.E. grenade, unless they pull it aside to shoot their weapon. Pretty much they can crouch in a corner and block all incoming bullets. Hopefully, it will be changed to make it more fair before the final release.

    The new map, de_airstrip. It LOOKS good, but it doesn't play all that well. Maybe it will be improved before final release.

    Improved maps de_aztec and de_inferno. Both look fucking wonderful yet play just the same, which is a very good thing. Too bad they haven't improved any of the other maps with new prettiness.

    The new "launcher". OH. MY. GOD. It is so awesome and is very useful. Kudos to the person(s) that revamped the old-ass "launcher".

    "Friends" list. This allows you to send IMs, regardless of server. That means you could talk to {CLAN}JACKASS who isn't even on the same server. The window stays hidden until you hit esc, which no longer takes you out of the game, it keeps you in the game finally.

    The old "minimizing kills the sound" bug has been fixed, thank God. Now if an AIM window knocks you out of CS, it won't kill your sound.

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    2. Naked Snake

      Naked Snake

      Cyb said:

      actually the shield has a health, if you hit one enough you'll break it (or at least bullets will go through it) and you can also shoot through the little window which happens to be where their head is

      plus whoever is carrying it can't hold it out and fire at the same time, and they only get a sidearm, and it severly limits your field of vision. it's not very useful on pub servers where teamwork is fairly minimum but I imagine it would come in handy at times in competitions.

      and the changes to inferno suck, and aztec's changes were 100% useless and that rain sucks :P

      I agree about the rain in Aztec, but I thought the little details were cool.

    3. Naked Snake

      Naked Snake

      halflifeisbetter said:

      didnt that game allready have the famas in it? it wasnt called the famas though


    4. Ralphis


      I hope the new launcher is a large scale halflife update because I HATE HL'S LAUNCHER