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  1. If I ruled the world, things would be fun and um...good.

    1) Launch all nuclear waste into space. Hey, we don't need it!

    2) Dismantle all nuclear weapons. They're too dangerous, IMO.

    3) Since it'd be all one giant country, there would be no "my land, not yours!" disputes between countries.

    4) Religious tolerance would be law.

    5) TV and radio would be uncensored

    6) Fuck allt that no cruel and unusual punishment shit. If you're found to be guilty of say...rape, you get fucking mauled to death by bears or some shit.

    7) Tons of cash would be pumped into medical research

    8) I would have the best stuff :-P

    9) No more purchasing oil shit, oil would be shared globally

    10) METRIC SYSTEM WORLDWIDE!!!!!!11 (I'd have to learn it though :-P)

    11) I'd found a unified church that would be used for worship by all religions.

    12) I'd protect all religious and historical land-marks.

    13) I'd do my best to at least save some of the environment

    14) Tons of cash would be devoted to helping starving areas

    15) I'd try to make an assload of bridges that spanned across oceans (heh :-P)

    16) I'd force Microsoft to release a Linux distro lOllOLololOL

    17) Same sex marriages would be legal

    18) Abortions would be legal

    19) Gun ownership would be legal, but under strict control laws.

    20) Persons of the same sex would be allowed to adopt children.

    21) Weed would be legal, but you'd have to be 18 to buy it

    22) Legal drinking age would be 18

    23) Prostitution would be legal, but regulated

    24) A "final days" prison for people serving life sentences. When they reach a certain age, they'd go to this new prison, which would still be max security, but much more "luxiorious" and able to handle old people

    25) I'd toughen up on sex crimes and make the punishments worse!

    26) Universal currency

    27) Foreign languages would be taught early, like the 2nd year of a child's schooling.

    What would YOU change if you ruled the freakin' world?

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    2. The Ultimate DooMer

      The Ultimate DooMer

      soon you'll end up having people marrying cousins, pets, cars, copies of Doom.

      You mean that hasn't that happened already somewhere? (I'd hazard a guess that it has)

    3. Captain Red

      Captain Red

      The Ultimate DooMer said:
      8. Bad - just look at our police in the UK. They don't stand a chance against armed criminals, especially given our rising gun crime problem. (negotiations don't work, especially when they've got a gun and you haven't)

      Well, it's not like they'd defenceless, they just would just have non leathel means to take out suspects... But I guess there are some parts of the world where thai isn't possable...

    4. The Ultimate DooMer

      The Ultimate DooMer

      They do have non-lethal means (a long truncheon) but that's useless against a gun.

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