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  1. My friend Uriah got caught taking his sister's car (With her permission, but his parents wouldn't allow it, if they were there at the time.) He got caught, grounded for a few days by his dad (since his parents know he is a good driver at least and has his permit)

    My cousin Steve wasn't so lucky. He STOLE his sister's car and then it broke down, so, he tried to push it over an enbankment (30 feet from the house he was at!), but failed. He's not being charged, but he's in deep shit.

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    2. Ultraviolet


      kain said:

      is it so hard to just simply ask? and if they say no, then tough shit. wtf is up with people these days?

      Ask what?

    3. Bloodshedder


      Must you require clarification of everything people say?!

    4. Ultraviolet


      Bloodshedder said:

      Must you require clarification of everything people say?!

      What are you talking about? :P