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  1. Um, ok, today, I will review Freddy vs Jason. CONTAINS SPOILERS!!

    Ok, so, we see Freddy, pre-burns, describe Hell and how he cannot escape, due to lack of fear in the chilren of Elm Street. So, he ressurects Jason to do his dirty work, to go to his old haunting grounds and ruthlessly slaughter. He kills one kid in his bed as his girlfriend showers. He is then crushed by the folding bed. Nice, "realistic". Speaking of realistic, I loved the camera work, it felt "real" instead of "all-seeing eye style". Anyway, the kids freak. One more and his dad apparently die. Two of them are locked up and the others are sad or something. The kids that are locked up escape and find the rest of their crew, plus pick up a nerd. So, they encounter Jason, stomping from a corn field, ON FIRE, at a rave, who then starts to brutally fucking kill everyone! Freddy gets kind of pissed that Jason won't let up on the killing spree. Some stuff happens that I can't remember, then Freddy and Jason fight in the dream world, where, obviously, Jason has the disadvantage. More stuff happens, and then they kidnap jason, knock a chick out and she brings Freddy back from the Dream World to the Real World. Freddy and Jason wreak fucking havok and shit and eventually fight near their fears. On docks, water, Jason's fear. The dock is set on fire, Freddy's fear. Jason eventually impales Freddy with his own arm and cuts off his head. Then they get Jason in the water, where he quickly drowns. The ending is lame, it shows Jason emerge from the water, clutching Freddy's decapitated head! The head is then show, where it blinks and smiles at the camera, then...CREDITS! Yes, credits. Ass ending.

    Review in a few words : Fuck it, don't see it.

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    2. Scuba Steve

      Scuba Steve

      Nither of them hold a candle to the best horror monster, The Blob.

    3. NiGHTMARE


      We knew Jason would survive anyway, otherwise Jason X would make even less sense than it already does.

    4. jute


      NiGHTMARE said:

      We knew Jason would survive anyway, otherwise Jason X would make even less sense than it already does.

      my thoughts exactly.

      i really got exactly what i expected from that movie, and i'm happy with it. if you like silly horror retardation, it's a good time.