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    2. Naked Snake

      Naked Snake

      Job said:

      I'm not one to start a flamewar, but you're self-righteous. Tone it down. I won't be an asshole, but I will defend my honor. NOTE: I was making an observation. You clearly disagree, but no need to label. Grow up.

      I don't need you telling me to grow up, bucko. I'm mature enough to have just called you an idiot and kept the rest of my comments to myself.

    3. Job


      Shaviro said:

      Job, how would you even know? I've been a moderator here since before you even registered! So unless you've been lurking around the forums or had a previous account, I can't see what you are comparing with. I can only tell you I'm a lot nicer now than I used to be (pre mod).

      All right, point taken. It was meant as a half-witted comment made in passing. And, yes, I have had prior accounts as well as lurking. But I haven't kept up with the forums enough to have the right to really say what I did with absolute certainty.

    4. gatewatcher


      Heh, I was wondering where all the drama went... O_o