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  1. We've been taking care of this cat for over 2 years when my grandparent's passed away. She was about 20 to 21 years old, deaf and had bad bones. Well, last night, somehow, the cat got out and as my dad pulled in the driveway after getting home from visiting my mother in the hospital (she had a partial hysterectomy), he accidently ran over its leg. So, we drove 1 and a half hours to the 24 hour animal clinic. The doctor said that since it had a thyroid illness (and a heartrate of 320, which is the highest he's ever seen in a cat he said), the leg probably would not heal, making it so the cat would live in pain. So, after my dad called my mom at the hospital to see what she wanted to do, either take the chance that the cat COULD heal or not, or put it to sleep. Needless to say, we made the hard choice of having her put to sleep.

    R.I.P. Elizibeth, you old freakin' kitty :(

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    2. sargebaldy
    3. BlackFish


      my dad used to have 20 cats but they all died.

    4. Cyb


      BlackFish said:

      my dad used to have 20 cats but they all died.

      at the same time?!