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  1. We're talking about this in #zdoom and I'm bored, so, what the hell.

    Leaf, 1 ounce (28 grams) - $1. $10 for a pound.

    Mersh (shake, skank, gutterweed, whatever the hell your town calls it), 1 ounce. Around $90 to $120

    Hyrdoponically-grown Mersh, 1 ounce. $100 to $130

    Nugget, 1 ounce. $125 to $150

    Hyrdro-nugget, 1 ounce. $200.

    Those are pretty much the "local" prices.

    1. Sharessa


      What I've payed for weed in the past:

      1 blunt = friendship

      2 joints, 2 bong hits, a three-night stay, and about 100 miles of carpool = 3 cases of soda, a pack of cookies, 2 tubs of ice cream, a bottle of chocolate sauce, a jar of peanut butter, and some tunes

      I work on the trade and barter system.

      Seriously though, I have no idea what weed costs around here.