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  1. Not fixing up the vehicle code. The HL vehicle code is terrible, example, if you jump and the thing is moving, you fly back. They need to fix that. Also, make it easier to control the damn things and NOT use the left and right arrows to move the thing side to side.

    Not including Terrorist SP missions. They've already said they will only have CT SP missions, but if they're smart, they'll release an add-on pack to add Terrorist SP missions.

    Forgetting to include 2 vital actions : Fastswitch next and fastswitch previous

    Not making it so that you buy your weapons and gear / assign weapons and gear to your troops BEFORE you start the mission.

    Not allowing you to buy upgrades for weapons, such as extended clips, scopes, silencers, L.A.M.s, TAC lights, etc.

    Making it too short. I want like, 25+ missions, because I HATE short games.

    Not adding new weapons and items. They already have, but they should add a lot more.

    Not including 1337 cheats that let you hold all the damn guns you want

    I'm sure most of this they probably haven't even thought about, but they should!!!!11

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    2. BlueSonnet


      Scuba Steve said:

      I wish gaming was still about being socially unacceptable, spending friday nights at home hopping on goombas.

      Yeah...whatever happened to that....

    3. SteelPH


      Multiplayer was invented.

    4. Zell


      Mr. Chris said:

      BBG: The "vehicles" is actually a func_train on a fixed path or something.

      I have a feeling it will flop, Gearbox should have never gave up and given it to Ritual.

      man they had the coolest stuff, too...you could train and upgrade, they even siad it was tunring to be more like THSP 4 then it was CS. I kinda like that, its quite a change from the normal, "OMG!! ITS A PERSON! SHOOT IT TILL HIS BLOOD FLIES OUTTA HIS HEAD!!!!(althought thats still fun :P )" It would be a lot more realstic to, becuase as you are in a swat team, dont you get better at your job? :D