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    Why don't I have a custom title by now?!

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  1. Weapons

    Colt Python II pack Knife
    USP Compact USP .45
    Glock 18 Glock 18
    Two-Tone Desert Eagle Desert Eagle
    Sig p228 P228
    SVI Infinity Dual Elites Dual Beretta Elites
    FN-57 WAN pack FiveSeven (I use the one without any attachments)
    M3 Super 90 M3 Super 90
    Metallic XM1014 XM1014
    Realistic MP-5 Navy MP-5 Navy
    Galen TMP w/ Hand Fix TMP
    P90 P90
    Mac-11 Mac-10
    Emmity UMP UMP .45
    Automat Kalishnikov 47 AK-47
    Ultimate M4 with Camo Reskin M4A1
    Sig Swat w/o Tac Light Sig552 Commando
    Steyr Aug High Poly Steyr Aug
    Steyr Scout Hack Steyr Scout
    G3/SG-1 & metal mag hack G3/SG-1
    Sig550 hack Sig550
    SHP M249-Reskin M249
    Ultimate Nade Pack Grenades
    Pipebomb C4

    Player Models

    Wolf Recon I use the Seal (the one with NVGs) as my GSG-9 model
    Blue Camo Pack I use the guy with the backwards hat as my Seal and the one with the Scotty goggles as my VIP
    Killage People as my Terrorist models


    Black Suit Hostages Hostages
    Action Pack Helicopter
    New Decals
    Sig552 and Aug crosshairs
    Chicken model fix

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Draconio


      Ralphis said:

      isnt that called day of defeat

      I was thinking something similar, but I think he means a mere reskinning of CS...

    3. Zell


      Draconio said:

      I was thinking something similar, but I think he means a mere reskinning of CS...

      nope he siad a CS MOD... :)

    4. Danarchy


      I think he was being sarcastic. El oh el.