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  1. I want to fucking know why the KKK isn't considered a terrorist group. They DO support terrorist acts, but of course, they're not classified as acts of terrorism, just hate crimes. Fuck that. Bombing a black church shouldn't be a hate crime, that's just another form of seggragation (sp?), instead, it should be treated as if it were an act of terrorism, because that is what it is, not a damn hate crime. In short, the KKK should be classified as a terrorist organization and should be disbanded.

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    2. Zell


      And another thing i thought I wanted to add about hate crimes. Most any crime is a "hate" crime. (most often)You kill, hurt, stab, steal from a persion becuase you hate them. And, in truth, hate crimes are just an excuse to throw someone in jail longer or hurt them. If we really were a un-segretted(United States) we would make all crimes the same punishment for EVERYONE.

    3. Liam


      (correct me if i'm wrong) the kkk is like a weird political group of sorts... they exist to make feeble attempts at influencing public opinion, not to hunt down and lynch all people of african descent. disbanding the clan for the particularly fanatical members who choose to commit criminal acts... would be akin to banning christian worship because of the crazies who bomb abortion clinics.

      don't get me wrong, i wouldn't give a shit less if the klan was disbanded, but i wouldn't consider it in and of itself a 'terrorist organization'.

      also, EE. this topic of discussion could spark insightful discussion as to how the gubmint should define a terrorist group, or something.

    4. sargebaldy


      probably the KKK isn't classified as a terrorist group because the majority of members don't do anything illegal. the intent of their organization is purely just the opinion that white people are superior to everyone else. for the most part the kkk does that through rallies and vocal means (which obviously aren't too successful :P). which is the same reason groups such as neo-nazis are allowed.

      a group like al-qaeda has a very different purpose however, and that's to plan and coordinate attacks against people or groups they oppose. if you classify the KKK as a terrorist group, you may as well classify christians, stray homophobes, and extreme feminists as terrorists too, since don't think they haven't done things too.

      in short, lynching a black guy is a crime, but where do you draw the line? i for one think it's pretty disgusting to end any organization over a few instances of violence. only when a group can be shown to have plotted an attack together should it be disbanded.