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  1. I woke up and my chest hurt, which is usually quite normal. On the ride to school, however, my stomach began killing me. Normally, I rest on the way to school, but the little kid in the back was being an annoying asshole calling the old lady bus monitor a cunt and stuff, so I couldn't get any rest. First thing I did when I got to school was head straight for the nurse, but had to go to my classroom really quick just so they'd know where I was. Then I spent the whole hour I was at school puking in a trash-can and sweating like I was being cooked. After a nap when I got home, I started feeling better. Hopefully whatever made me sick has been destroyed by my immune system.

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    2. SteelPH


      Powerade is carbonated Gatorade.

    3. Ultraviolet


      footman said:

      Powerade is carbonated Gatorade.

      Powerade is not carbonated.

    4. geekmarine


      I like that stuff that IS carbonated Gatorade, that stuff is the shiznit, whichever -ade product it is, because the name eludes me at the moment.