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  1. (note to mods : I posted this here so it would add to my postcount. Please move this to blogs.)

    Yep, 10,000 posts. I haven't really done much, other than spam a lot and get people pissed at me, but hey, at least I wasn't bored. Some would say "I can't believe I've stuck around this long", but I can't say that. I've stuck around because I love this community and the game it focuses on. I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!

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    2. nxn


      I might have beaten you to this if I had never 'left'. Anyway, congrats.

    3. insertwackynamehere


      BBG said:

      Obviously you missed the irony :-P

      Since I'm fairly new, I guess I'm missing something. What irony?!

    4. Danarchy


      The irony of irons.