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  1. <DJ_Haruko> What's a good ripping software for Linux?
    <BBG> Fuck Linux
    <BBG> It has so much potential, I can see that, but it has yet to be tapped
    <BBG> Infinite potention, IMO
    <BBG> Unlike Windows, which seems to be pretty set in it's path
    <BBG> Linux is like, wild and shit
    <BBG> You can use it for many things, but it's still primitive IMO

    I think it could benefit from some of Window's functionality, GUI to OS integration wise, great multimedia programs, and make it easier to set up hardware for new users. Yes, I'm pretty much saying that if it was made to please the Mac OS and PC Windows crowds while still maintaining it's own style, it could be much much larger than it is right now. WINE and DOS, are, IMO, a must, if you want to have even more ease of use for people switching over from a Windows system. Mac OS (pre OSX, I guess) sucks too much for me to want to have anything to do with it on any level. So, yeah, that's why I rag on Linux so much.

    (of course, I'm really too high and tired to be posting, but I am anyway :-P)

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    2. Ultraviolet


      Way to answer his question, BBG. :P

    3. Danarchy


      I might actualy use Linux if it supported decent games or music software.

    4. Psyonisis


      I tried it once, and I really wanted to like it, but now that computer is sitting in the garage.