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  1. [12:15] * Now talking in #planetdoom
    [12:15] -ChanServ- (#planetdoom) Info and Channel Rules can be found here: http://www.planetdoom.com/features/irc/
    [12:15] <Cha0tiC> I need more d3 screens to survive
    [12:17] <BBG> I need more pot
    [12:17] <BBG> d3 screens would be nice too
    [12:17] <@RosOne> wow
    [12:17] <@RosOne> I'm impressed BBG
    [12:17] <BBG> ?
    [12:17] <BBG> Oh, that I spoke?
    [12:18] <@RosOne> yea
    [12:18] <@RosOne> =]
    [12:18] <BBG> Yeah, that happens sometimes

    Heh, it's funny to idle in a channel for months without saying a damn thing. People act as if they've seen God when you decided to say something.

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    2. lupinx_resurrected


      ummmmm.... scared of what?

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      Danarchy said:


      Doubtful, this was on Furnet.