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  1. I know why fodders dislikes America so much. He's angry about the outcome of the Revolutionary War. He's upset he had to serve in the military for nothing :-P

    In all seriousness, fodders did serve in the British Navy and that rules.

    Who else here has served in the military? I think Espi was in the Army or something.

    1. Sharessa


      Once, the Navy called me and -

      Eh, nevermind.

    2. Tobester


      *phone rings*

      <army> Hello, Mr. Collins?
      <tobester> Yes?
      <army> Hi! I'm Ryan, your local Army recruiter, and I'd like to talk to you about joining the army!
      <tobester> k
      <army> If you'll just give me your address I will send you a t-shirt, a utility clip, and a video showing all of the adventures you could have if you join the army!
      <tobester> k

      *two weeks later*
      *phone rings again*

      <army> Hello Mr. Collins!
      <tobester> Hey.
      <army> So have you made a decision?
      <tobester> Yeah, that shirt was gnarly.

      Long story short they found out I was a stinkin epileptic and stopped calling me. That and a short rotc stint is the duration of my military stay.