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  1. There has been some accusations floating about, and people are wondering. Well, yes, they are true. I'm sick of living a stupid lie I came up with when I was a 14 year old ICP kiddy. I'm glad I finally get to tell the truth so I can be the real me. I'm about 5 feet 7 inches tall and around 196 pounds. Yes, I really do smoke cigarettes and weed and drink on occasion. I'm not really a sexaholic, I've only been with 7 different girls and I'm not proud of 2 of those relationships. Now that the truth has come out, I just hope you can forgive me. Unlike my "life", my personality is quite real, but some of the worse parts are a little bit of my own design :-/

    It was hard to start this, but now that it's over, I feel a lot better, even though this may make some of you hate me :-/

    (I'll post a picture when my brother gets back.)

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    2. Grazza
    3. dsm


      Ok, I'm really 12 years old and live on a tiny farm.

    4. Tobester


      I'm somewhere between 5'7 and 6'0, depending on what stores ive been to that day.