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  1. "Ghetto Cowboy"

    You better count yo' money [2x]
    (Ghetto Cowboy)
    You better count yo' money [2x]
    (Ghetto Cowboy)
    You better count yo' money [2x]
    (Ghetto Cowboy)
    You better count yo' money [2x]
    (Ghetto Cowboy)

    The name is Krayzie, big bad ass bone,
    wanted up north fo' all the gold that I stole,
    along wit' some cash I even took the mayor's daughter,
    now that there's kidnap, but she was wit' us so I brought her.
    Dun got myself into a whole heap of trouble,
    double-crossed by the law so it's nobody to run to,
    yeah it's jus' me and my sawed-off shotgun,
    I dun now call him 'Leatherface'.
    I'm headed fo' the west heard they got a couple banks in town
    that ain't been held up yet, well uh, I oughta make it by sundown,
    I figure that's enough time for me to get the whole rundown,
    so I can take my mission, it's gettin' dark
    so now I'm watchin fo' them damn injuns,
    they like to catch up then they rob -n- split.
    I'll be a rootin' tootin' shootin' damn fool, protectin' my chips.
    All of a sudden, I heard somebody rumble in the bushes, stopped my horse,
    "Whoa nelly! Who in da bushes, you better speak up,
    or I'mma let my shotgun's song sing out."

    Who's this? Hope this ain't the law, draw out the bushes wit' my sawed-off shotgun.

    "Come on out right now I'm gettin' angry."
    Took a step back 'cause it could get dangerous.

    "Please don't shoot it's just me Thug Queen Horse Stealer."

    "Then why the hell is you hidin' in them bushes"

    [Thug Queen]
    "I'm wanted in 4 coun-teez, for armed robbery, killed 2 sheriffs, 6 of his best men wit' my hands,
    stole 2 horses, thought you was the law that's why
    I jumped in the bushes."

    "Goodness." Now she was hotter than a barrel of fire but I could use her fo' the job so I told her to ride. "Come on."

    [Thug Queen]
    "May I ask you what you headed to the west fo'?"

    "I got a potna got a plan fo' some dough and if you're down you can pick up yourself a pretty penny.
    Be in town in a minute now be sho' if you're wit' it."

    [Thug Queen]
    "We be up before the sun rise got a stall(ion) here fo' your potna to ride hit the saloon before the moon shine down fo' whateva let's ride let's ride."

    "These directions say we go to Tucson, Arizona.
    When we arrive we'll cop a place we can bunk,
    and meet my boy in the morning fo' details -n- hookup."

    You better count yo' money [2x]
    (Ghetto Cowboy)
    You better count yo' money [2x]
    (Ghetto Cowboy)

    [Rooster crows]
    "Rise -n- shine, good morning, howdy.
    Nine o' clock we meet my boy in the saloon in the valley.
    Now I dun came a long way and I don't wanna be late.

    [Thug Queen]
    "(??), you know we ain't."

    Move out! Giddy up giddy up giddy up [4x]

    You better count yo' money [2x]

    "I'm peepin' Krayzie's 'Wanted' poster in the saloon,
    so I assume it'll be trouble round here pretty soon.
    Glanced across the room I seen this youngster gettin' ready to fight
    but if he mess up tonite I think that Krayzie just might take his life.
    So I approached him and I paused.
    "Look man, I really don't wanna brawl, but won't you chill before them laws,
    come messin' up this masta plan,
    since he already rowdy I'm jus' asked the man (dang).
    You want some work well potna put in yo' bid
    and by the way now what's yo' name, they call me Layzie the Kid."

    [Other dude]
    "The name's Powder Pete, can I get a 12 guage!
    Outlaw every day, on the front page.
    Mister Kid, if you give me the low-down me and Blackjack,
    be ready fo' da showdown, wit' 2 double-barrels pointed at whateva,
    we'll stick together, I'm perty clever."

    "So saddle up, jump on the bandwagon because it's all goin' down."
    I heard da guy runnin' the bar screamin' 'Krayzie's in town.'

    "Now when we get to this saloon, you don't worry, wait outside.
    Don't be stealin' nobody's damn horses."
    Stepped inside da bar.
    "Layzie Kid you son of a gun!"

    "Hey man I'm glad you made it safely, now let's go have some fun.
    And this my potna Powder, he's a young gun.

    [Powder Pete]

    "Mighty glad to meet ya son.
    Oh yeah, you know I also brought a friend along, meet Thug Queen,
    the horse peddler, straggler, just met her."

    [Thug Queen]
    "Howdy potna, already got the horses saddled up."

    "I hope you're good at robbin' banks like you rustle that cattle up."

    [Powder Pete]
    "Now y'all, it's gon be gettin' dark real soon."

    "I think you're right I say we move, come on let's."

    Move out, giddy up giddy up giddy up [4x]

    You better count yo' money [8x]

    Ghetto Cowboy