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  1. So now he has to tell the school she's a Columbine-case. She wants to kill some kid and eat his heart. She wants to drink blood and shit. The only entry he remembered word for word was this one :

    "Today is my dad's birthday, it is a day of recognition. My dad is turning 33. I am dead."

    ^--crazy bitch

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    2. sargebaldy


      No, I don't think you should have. Lots of people think about killing other people, but the vast majority of the time they wouldn't actually do it. Stuff written in a diary is far more similar to stuff you think in your head than stuff you'd actually do. I think it's probably a good idea to consider the guy has something against you, but thinking about killing someone is not and should not be a crime in itself.

    3. Coopersville


      How many people here take out their frustration on digital game enemies?

      Not me! If anything, these digital game enemies cause me frustration, especially with all the advanced AI being thrown in games now. The game usually ends once I've gotten frustrated, or bored.

    4. jute


      sargebaldy speaks the truth.