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  1. [19:34] <+Karl> "whaleturd"
    [19:34] <+Karl> I said I'm not black
    [19:35] <+BBG> Thanks for spewing profound ignorance
    [19:35] <+BBG> I'm black, you racist fucking bucket of puke
    [19:35] <+BBG> I'll drop my dick on your head, that'll be the end of you!
    [19:35] <+Karl> go back to picking cotton, or I'll talk to your owner
    [19:36] * +BBG smacks Karl in the face with his proud ebony cock
    [19:36] <+BBG> I'm not really black, but hey, when I take off my pants, you can hardly tell :-P
    [19:36] <+Karl> I'm not black nor am I a woman, so don't beat me
    [19:36] <+BBG> Aside from the deathly pale white skin
    [19:37] <+Karl> I'm sure it's not longer white, thanks to all the analsex you've had
    [19:37] <+BBG> Karl : yeah, your mom really needs to learn about toiletpaper :(
    [19:37] <+Shaun> loal
    [19:37] <+Karl> oh really, bubba
    [19:38] <+BBG> Yeppers, Cletus McGillicutty
    [19:39] <+BBG> Some rappers are the most intellectual minds of our age, honestly
    [19:39] <+BBG> Others are just fucking dolts
    [19:39] <+Karl> it's funny when BBG's people steal TVs in the middle of the night, because it looks like the TV floats in the air
    [19:39] <Sin> That was so original.
    [19:39] <+BBG> Karl, you dipshit, I told you I'm not black
    [19:39] <Sin> Did you write that yourself?
    [19:39] <+Karl> no
    [19:39] <Sin> You should write for MAD TV.
    [19:39] <+Karl> skylift told me
    [19:39] <+Karl> he's my god
    [19:39] <+BBG> I've heard that idiotic racist joke before
    [19:40] <+Karl> we go to natvan meetings together
    [19:40] <+Karl> he's great
    [19:40] <+BBG> Natvan?
    [19:40] <+Karl> http://www.natvan.com/
    [19:41] <+BBG> Wtf
    [19:41] <+Karl> you will be when they steal it
    [19:41] <+BBG> skylift said he was a racialist
    [19:41] <+BBG> Dude, the belief that one race is superiour is pathetic
    [19:41] <+BBG> Because if you believe in evolution, the blacks are technically superiour because they have evolved beyond us
    [19:41] <+BBG> And they say that they have traced ALL human lineage to a tribe in Africa
    [19:41] <+BBG> ALL
    [19:41] <+Karl> "evolution" lol
    [19:42] <+BBG> So, you are decended from blacks
    [19:42] <+Karl> I thought you were an idiot before, now I know you are
    [19:42] <+BBG> You damn honky
    [19:42] <+Karl> you believe in evolution
    [19:42] <+BBG> I believe in God
    [19:42] <+BBG> And evolution
    [19:42] <+Karl> god's white
    [19:42] <+BBG> All in one twisted little mix
    [19:42] <Chikatilo> haha
    [19:42] <+BBG> God has no color
    [19:42] <Sin> Bitch, god is Thai.
    [19:42] <+BBG> To lay eyes on God's perfection would kill you
    [19:43] <+BBG> Karl : if you believe in God, then your racist theories contradict your beliefs
    [19:43] <+BBG> Because God made ALL men in his image
    [19:43] <+BBG> Black, white, asian, latino, all in God's image
    [19:43] <+Karl> http://arthistory.westvalley.edu/images/M/MICHELANGELO/GOD.JPG
    [19:43] <+Karl> god is WHITE
    [19:43] <Sin> God is THAI.
    [19:43] <+BBG> That is a painting
    [19:43] <+BBG> Done by a human
    [19:43] <+Karl> so what
    [19:43] <+BBG> Not by a divine holy being
    [19:43] <+Karl> a white human
    [19:43] <+BBG> Karl, did you hear a thing I said?
    [19:44] <+Karl> no I can't hear you
    [19:45] <+BBG> like I said, God made man in his image, that includes blacks, asians, hispanics and whites
    [19:45] <+BBG> So, if you belive in God, you cannot be racist
    [19:45] <+Karl> sure
    [19:46] <+Karl> if you call blacks "men"
    [19:46] <+BBG> I do
    [19:46] <+Karl> I call them garbage :)
    [19:46] <+BBG> We're all one race, you dipshit
    [19:46] <+BBG> The human race
    [19:46] <+Tier> *sniggers*
    [19:46] <+BBG> The sooner you realize that, the sooner we'll be one step closer to ending all the stupid petty bullshit
    [19:46] <+Karl> they have the same colour as the stuff that comes out of my ass
    [19:47] <+BBG> Karl : and I spit our color out of my dick, so what?
    [19:48] <+BBG> Karl : there are blacks that are way better people than you
    [19:48] <+Karl> you rugga
    [19:48] <+Karl> or sometihng
    [19:48] <+BBG> They give to charity, help people, run companies and are generally very nice people
    [19:48] <+BBG> People like you should be beaten with chains for your profound ignorant beliefs
    [19:49] <+BBG> In fact, if I had my way, all racists would be executed, so we can have 1 step closer to world fucking peace
    [19:49] <+BBG> Seriously, why give a fuck what color a person's skin are?
    [19:49] <+BBG> Call them garbage if they are a bad person, yes
    [19:49] <Sachiel> that I agree on
    [19:49] <+BBG> But if they're good, why treat them like they are some sort of terrible beast?
    [19:49] <+BBG> When they actually contribute to society in ways you can't even begin to comprehend?
    [19:50] <Sachiel> heh you should research American history of racism BBG
    [19:50] <+Karl> my god, you're right
    [19:50] <+Karl> I don't hate them anymore :)
    [19:50] <+BBG> I somehow doubt that, but everything I've said makes 1000000x times more sense than any racist theory
    [19:51] <+BBG> Racism in itself is flawed because whites were once used as slaves too
    [19:51] <Sachiel> true
    [19:51] <+Karl> ........jews
    [19:51] <+BBG> Jews are not a race, you twit
    [19:51] <+BBG> That is a religion
    [19:51] <+BBG> Hitler started the belief that they are a race, it is FALSE
    [19:51] <Sin> It's both.
    [19:52] <Sin> Kinda.
    [19:52] <Sachiel> somewhat
    [19:52] <Sin> I'm wrng.
    [19:52] <+BBG> The "race" is Semites, which actually includes Arabs and whites
    [19:52] <+BBG> But a Jew is a person who follows the Jewish faith
    [19:52] <+BBG> There are black jews
    [19:53] <+BBG> There are jews living in china that are chinese as all fuck
    [19:53] <+BBG> And anyway, Jesus himself was a Jew
    [19:53] <+BBG> Christianity is based on Judaism, we worship the same God
    [19:53] <Chikatilo> godamit BBG you are a walking encyclopedia
    [19:53] <+Karl> BBG do you eat shit? I'm wondering because everything that comes out of your mouth smells like it
    [19:54] <+BBG> Karl : hahaha, what you smell is the bitter fucking truth smacking your pimply plump face

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    2. Gokuma


      POTGIESSER said:

      I'm not racist, I hate everyone equally. I've tried telling people that we're all really n*ggers after all, but no one wants to believe me. I'm glad you know as well BBG.

      We're all someone else's.

    3. Tyockell


      Fuckin racist bastards.

    4. Coopersville


      Gad, I'd better act like I absolutely hate racists too! Grr, those bastards should all die!

      That chat log lacks 0wn, though.

      Human beings as a whole are a species, not a race.

      And as there are black people who are rich, courteous, own successful companies and are generally nice, there are so-called racist folk who are as well.