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  1. [06:36] <BBG> Yeah cause you don't stop and it's 187 on a motherfuckin' cop
    [06:36] * BBG listens to a little Snoop Dogg
    [06:36] <+DarkDemoness> =O
    [06:36] <DetroitMC> ^same as DD
    [06:37] <amerika> eh
    [06:37] <BBG> What?
    [06:37] <amerika> whad i miss
    [06:37] <BBG> You've never heard of Snoop Dogg?
    [06:37] <BBG> :-P
    [06:37] <+DarkDemoness> not a lot
    [06:37] <BBG> Snoop rlz
    [06:37] <amerika> i was away for a moment
    [06:37] <+DarkDemoness> he sucks
    [06:37] <DetroitMC> I have
    [06:37] <DetroitMC> ^same as DD
    [06:37] <BBG> DarkDemoness : bah, you just don't understand his message
    [06:37] <DetroitMC> don't he hate dogs or something?
    [06:37] <BBG> No...
    [06:38] <+DarkDemoness> =O how can you hate dsoggies? :(
    [06:38] <BBG> Snoop Dogg is a gangsta rapper
    [06:38] <BBG> He hates cops
    [06:38] <BBG> Well, racist cops
    [06:38] <+DarkDemoness> thats even worse
    [06:38] <DetroitMC> lol
    [06:38] <BBG> Not regular ones
    [06:38] <BBG> Regular ones pull you over, give you a ticket and leave you alone, they don't give a damn what color you are
    [06:38] <BBG> But some are fucking dicks to minorities
    [06:38] <DetroitMC> I must say, I prefer Rammstein
    [06:38] <BBG> DetroitMC : me too, but I enjoy all types of music
    [06:39] <+DarkDemoness> i have some really cute pics of my doggy ^_^
    [06:39] <DetroitMC> lol... I'm pretty much all-rock
    [06:39] <BBG> Me too
    [06:39] <DetroitMC> DD's dog rulz
    [06:39] <BBG> But some rap is quite enjoyable
    [06:39] <+DarkDemoness> http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v101/engelaugen/Ben%20and%20martin/Image186.jpg
    [06:39] <+DarkDemoness> http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v101/engelaugen/Ben%20and%20martin/Image176.jpg
    [06:39] <+DarkDemoness> http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v101/engelaugen/Ben%20and%20martin/Image178.jpg
    [06:39] <+DarkDemoness> http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v101/engelaugen/Ben%20and%20martin/Image175.jpg
    [06:39] <BBG> Not retarded "word nigga I'm rich buy my CD so I can be more rich nigga, so I can rap about bein rich on the next CD nigga"
    [06:39] <+DarkDemoness> http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v101/engelaugen/Ben%20and%20martin/Image182.jpg
    [06:39] <BBG> But shit that actually has a message behind the lyrics
    [06:39] <+DarkDemoness> http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v101/engelaugen/Ben%20and%20martin/ben.jpg
    [06:39] <DetroitMC> lol
    [06:39] <DetroitMC> rappers are so alike
    [06:40] <+DarkDemoness> http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v101/engelaugen/Ben%20and%20martin/Ben40th026.jpg
    [06:40] <DetroitMC> each other
    [06:40] <amerika> brb
    [06:40] <BBG> DetroitMC : not true
    [06:40] <BBG> Modern rappers are
    [06:40] <DetroitMC> lol
    [06:40] <+DarkDemoness> i <3 my doggyyyyy ^_^
    [06:40] <BBG> But if you go back to like, the 80s, you'll see some excellent and quite intelligent rappers
    [06:40] <+DarkDemoness> http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v101/engelaugen/Ben%20and%20martin/Image068.jpg
    [06:40] <+DarkDemoness> I LIKE BIG BUTTS AND I CANNOT LIE!
    [06:40] <BBG> I mean, yeah, they still use ghetto lingo and all, but the message, when turned into American English is actually quite insightful and deep
    [06:40] <BBG> It's like poetry IMO
    [06:40] <BBG> Like Rammstein is
    [06:40] <DetroitMC> lol
    [06:40] <BBG> OMG LOL
    [06:41] <+DarkDemoness> i get you. i like some eminem :S
    [06:41] <DetroitMC> I wasn't paying attention
    [06:41] <+DarkDemoness> OMG LOL?
    [06:41] * DetroitMC scrolls up
    [06:41] <DetroitMC> umm
    [06:41] <DetroitMC> they still sound alike
    [06:42] <BBG> DetroitMC : well, yeah, the music style is similar, but of course
    [06:42] <+DarkDemoness> he's asleep ^_^
    [06:42] <BBG> All rock sounds similar, it has drums, keyboard (most of the time), bass guitar, guitar(s) and a singer
    [06:42] <BBG> Rap has a singer and a producer who uses a soundboard to make a beat, they use no real intruments
    [06:43] <BBG> That is why rap is so different, because they can use as much shit in their song as they want, really
    [06:43] <BBG> If they want to make a fucking song with like, a symphony but with rock and rap and choir mixed in, they can
    [06:43] <DetroitMC> well rock artist can make no-singing parts interesting... cause the instrumentals are part of the band, while in rap there's just singing
    [06:43] <BBG> It's quite liberating, musically

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    2. zark


      Melfice said:

      The answer is that you're trying to understand a post on Doomworld and it just doesn't work that way. Science nor god can possibly explain the things that happen here. Why? Because when we're viewing threads in Doomworld we're in our own little world, where science and religion are meaningless.

      blah blah attempt at wit blah blah

    3. Grazza


      Melfice said:

      Science nor god can possibly explain the things that happen here.

      This wins the sentence of the week award.

      Danarchy said:

      Is there some kind of inverse relationship between the age of a bumped thread and the quality of the post that bumps it or something?

      I believe the longest bump ever is Ling's at the end of this thread, so judge for yourself. There's one thread dated 1970, so I wonder what sort of post it would take to bump that.

    4. Nmn


      Rap rules