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  1. All of you people out there that hate America, let me say this. Our country may seem to be full of dipshits, but guess what? It's because only dipshits make the news most of the time. Nobody hears about the guy who's just got mindblowing ideas about society like back in the Enlightenment and stuff, or the painter that made a really fucking cool painting.

    You hear about dumbass politicians that, like it or not, really don't represent us as we the citizens would like. I am an American and I love the fucking world, man, even if they seem to hate me for some reason. Why? Because I'm all for Freedom and Democracy and peace. But it seems that other countries just want to have a fucking hissy fit about the U.S. all the time, but whatever. Misjudge and blindly criticize without knowing all the facts about our intentions.

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    2. Danarchy


      DooMer87 said:

      hey....i'm talking about the air-conditined parts of houston. Has anyone ever been to Florida? Well, mostly everywhere there's rooms with air conditioning. Same thing with Texas. Danarchy, you must of been there in the summer. I evacuate to my Chicago house. Summers there in Chicago are easy to handle. but the desert part of Houston is very hot. But hey, Chicago never gets very hot.

      Yeah, well I was actualy only there for a couple hours to change places (going from Seattle to D.C.) and apparently the airport had no air conditioning. Bastards! Heh, my parents used to live in Chicago. In fact, they were there for 3 record winters in a row. Two record snowfalls and a record low. One of those snowfall years was the one where the city was completely locked down due to the incompotence of the city leaders or whatever. Lost the mayor the next election.

      Wait, did you just say you have TWO houses?

    3. sargebaldy


      I have two houses, the ancient beat up one (circa 1840) where I grew with 3 acres of land around it and the one in town we moved into later. The plan was to fix up the old place and move back there but it seems more likely it'll get torn down after my dad retires and he'll build a new place.

    4. myk


      Tear down a house built in the mid-19th century?

      Tell him not to retire if he's going to be so bored he'll allocate time and money to such heinous and pointless tasks.