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  1. CW = Creative Writing, which at my school pretty muchs means English 2, totally not what I was expecting at all...anyway, here's my latest bullshit that will get a good mark :

    In literature, characters are usually expressed in ways that follow a theme, either intentionally or unintentionally. In Lyddie, a girl is payed to work in a dangerous factory for extremely low pay and a overbearing life. Nightjohn is a slave, he doesn't get paid at all, he has it worse off than Lyddie. He is not even considered a human being.

    However, they share many similiarities. They both are forced to work until they are completely spent and then they are treated like dirt. They cannot have a true life. At least, it seems this way. Lyddie has a life, it is her family. Nightjohn has a life as well, he teaches reading, which is forbidden to slaves. They risk themselves for their causes. They know if they give up, they will be defeated.

    They also suffer from a lack of rights. Because Lyddie is a girl, she is expected to behave in a certain way. Since Nightjohn is a slave, he too is expected to behave in a certain way or he will be beaten. However, they know that this mustn't stop them. Sometimes life and laws don't get along.

    However, Nightjohn is more restricted than Lyddie is. Lyddie could, at any time, run away and do whatever she chooses. Every time Nightjohn escapes, he riskes capture and death. Unlike Nightjohn, Lyddie is allowed to learn how to read. Nightjohn and the slaves he tought risked a flogging if they were caught learning them there letters.

    Though they are in two seperate situations, Lyddie and Nightjohn are similar. They both are in situations of unfair treatment by humanity and by the law. However, they do lead two very different paths in life.

    I felt like being a smartass a little bit so I'll probably get points off but whatever.

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    2. Bloodshedder


      This is pretty dull. Also, you managed to misspell paid as payed but spell it properly once too in one paragraph.

    3. Sharessa


      Don't ask me, I failed creative writing. But I did meet the nicest and prettiest girl ever in that class.

    4. SYS


      That seems to me more like an answer to an essay question in English than an assignment in creative writing. Creative writing is usually about a given theme and you come up with a story about it, or you just come up with a story or be it imaginative or real ife. What you wrote just sounds like an essay question my stupid cunt of an english teacher would've asked me, read both stories and then compare and contrast the protagonist of each.

      Write about something creative. Something that your familiar with, possibly something absurd within the restrictive boundaries of school. Look at what Darknation writes, he does phenomenal creative writing.