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  1. What's up with the thread title? Well, at my school, a 2000 is announced over the PA during an "emergency situation" which really boils down to "somebody is getting the fuck kicked out of them" or "some dumbass is going to try to run away from a school in the middle of fucking NOWHERE".

    In gym, it was just me and her but really just me because she didn't do shit except say how she wanted to go home and how she hated the school and all that. So, we're waiting for the period to end, I'm talking to my teacher about random BS and she is on the other side of the gym looking out the door. For a few minutes she just stands there, randomly mumbles the same old stuff and then *blam* she's out that door like a bullet. Though she always gets nabbed by the cops, she keeps doing it. It's weird though, they always told me that if you are 16+, alls they do is suspend you if you leave. Whatever.

    I go over to the door to see her crossing the soccer field, heading towards woods and a corn field (BTW, I'm bussed to my school from by my home district so don't think that I live around farms or something). My teacher casually strolls up to the door, watches her running and gets on the phone with the support room staff (support is a little room with a bench you sit in when you get sent out of class) and told her she booked. Within moments an urgent "2000 in the gym!" was called over the PA. Suddenly, about 20 staffers (teachers, counsellors and support staff) start running down the hall, splitting up to take the side doors, front doors, gym doors and all that. Me and my teacher laughed and he sits down, grabs our notes (they give us "points" based on 5 catergories specifically for us as incentive / punishment. Some students actually care to go to a personal activity at the end of the day, I could give afuck less) and he says "You know, I think I will give her some gym credits today, that's the fastest I've seen her run yet".

    Fun times.

    I've seen her take off one other time. We were in study hall in my home room at the end of the day and she was sitting in the window, moping about something and getting bitchy, then she just sits there. Within a few moments, she said "Fuck this shit" and hopped out the window and casually strolled towards the damn soccer field.

    Where does this crazy bitch expect to go anyways? Her home district is about a 3 hour walk and right now, it's cold and rainy all the time. What a weirdo.

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    2. Sharessa


      In conclusion: teenagers = morons, 20 somethings = elitists.

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      I went to a good school with nice people and friendly teachers.

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      well... I just got one-upped