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  1. Today, before classes began, my teacher decided to give the class a little talk about hygene. Yes, she actually had to give them all a speech about needing to wash their nuts and stuff. Yeah, they're some smelly bastards all right, thankfully I do not breath through my nose (and I smoke anyway). One kid smells so bad that last year, my teacher's aide used to spray the room with air freshener when he left. I can tell he's too stupid to use a fucking washcloth because he can't spell the word scene. What the fuck.

    This other kid's breath reeks like he reached right into a toilet and ate the biggest fucking turd in it. Another just looks unclean but I don't think he really smells. Me and the other kid in my class yawned the speech off as, unlike the rest of my class, we actually wash ourselves.

    The reason for the whole pep-talk was apparently, kids coming into the class after my class mentioned how bad it reeks. Christ I hate my class, the stinky fucks.

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    2. Amaster


      Filthy neanderthals! All of you!

    3. DOOM Anomaly

      DOOM Anomaly

      Amaster said:

      Filthy neanderthals! All of you!

      I don't like to wash away my beauty. :(

    4. Psyonisis


      I don't leave the house unless I've showered.

      (so, once a day)