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  1. On csnation.net . So far I have completed 5 reviews and they will be put up when they are accepted by the admins. 2 are for models worth of a "SOTD" and 3 are for models that aren't too good so they just get thrown into random mass updates.

    Here is my first review (excuse the URL formatting, if you care to see what I linked to just add csnation.net to the URLs :

    Well well, lookie here, another Deagle replacement being added to the archives! As the Deagle is the most widely used pistol in Counter-Strike, it is obvious that many quality replacements are made for it. This is one of them.

    First off is the model itself, which is Firegold's. Firegold's Deagle has to be one of the [link="/skins/browse_skins.
    php/deagle/"]most widely used models[/link] and for a good reason: it is a very good representation of a Desert Eagle. When you apply Enmity's excellent skin to it and you get a very solid Deagle replacement. The gold is unlike [link="/skins/view_skin.php?id=4075"]most[/link] [link="/skins/view_skin.php?id=6016"]other[/link] gold skins I have seen in that it isn't very bright or flashy--merely a subdued and convincing gold tint. The wooden grip looks really good and really pulls the "pimp-style" feel of the gun together.

    The anims are the defaults and come compiled on either 1.6 or CZ arms (Stoke / Rob O skin). There is some clipping on the reload and shoots but it happens so fast you won't notice anyway. When it all comes down to it though, this is a very high-quality Deagle that should please the bling bling crowd out there.

    EDIT : I've found out it will be up on Sunday.

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    2. Naked Snake

      Naked Snake

      Numbermind said:

      I will gladly pay you Tuesday for some BBG porn today.


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      Nice, I see the latest one is made by you.


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