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  1. Yes, an armed robbery took place at a pharmacy literally 200 feet from my house. Holy fuck. There are cops all roaming about and there is currently a sniffing dog in the building across the street, as well as a cop outside and one with a shotgun. I hope they catch the bastard.

    UPDATE : The dumbass only stole 2 bottles of Oxycontin and he is known in this community, his name has already surfaced and he is now being pursued with direction. He's fucked.

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    2. insertwackynamehere


      Quast said:

      no, marijuana is illegal because the mormons didn't like it. Utah was the first state to pass anti marijuana laws before there was anything on the federal level. Similar to how protestant christians didn't like alcohol and made that illegal for a while.

      Marijuana stayed illegal because it was associated with black people, I heard. I personally think that as long as alcohol is legal, pot should be too, even though as you may remember, I disagree strongly with both.

    3. Quast


      insertwackynamehere said:

      Marijuana stayed illegal because it was associated with black people

      Well, it became illegal in many states due to racism...initialy mexicans in the south and west and then blacks, with their "satanic jazz music" in the east. Though it was the mormons that got the ball rolling in the 1910s and became illegal on the federal level in 1937.

    4. Danarchy


      geekmarine said:

      Mormons are illegal...?

      Actualy, they were at one time. The US government had a bounty on Mormons, $500 a head IIRC. Man I wish that were still true today. I'd be able to complete my CD collection.