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  1. Tommorow is a much needed day off. I've advanced well in my Strife story and am still writing even more.

    I started a stupid little file to keep track of Jarek's crap...so here it is, just for some reason.

    When the story is done, I'll put each chapter into HTML files and possibly use some character pics and game art in the story as well...


    600 gold
    Com unit
    Multi-tool - shovel, hatchet, pick, fold-out saw, hammer
    Punch daggers
    Hythom Pistol - silencer, LAM
    .85 8 shot revolver - scope
    Sawed off hunter's gun - slugs, spreadshot
    Stamina implant v00.01
    Has bandoleer, small pack on waist, larger pack on back, pouch in overcoat
    Leather armor, metal armor
    Medical packs, bandages


    Weapons - 10%
    Medical - 5%
    Lockpicking - 50%
    Sigil - 0%


    Irale's shop
    Gov. Mansion Key