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  1. The popo, aka the police. Protectors of the innocent and all that crap. Anyway, got stories about two of 'em in one day (nothing to do with me).

    1) my friend Guido stole this kid's bike. The kid calls the cops, ironically, the cop that arrested said kid with the missing bike is the one who showed up. BTW, this kid stole my pipe and in turn, my friend Guido stole pot from him because he was actually dumb enough to, AFTER WE CONFRONTED HIM ABOUT THE THEFT, call and act buddy-buddy and try to sell us ganja. Regardless, the cop searches for Guido and tracks him down. He's like "Look, I know you stole this kid's bike and I know he's a piece of shit thief, but that doesn't give you the right to steal his bike. Give the bike back, I won't arrest you." so he did.

    2) My brother went to a friend's house and some drunk guy showed up in a truck with REDNECK in the back window, written in large print. He was obviously an idiot and began acting like one at the party, so my brother and the guy who's house it is tells the fag to leave and as he does, he kicks my brother's truck in the driveway, denting it. So, my brother calls the cops and since the truck is in my dad's name he has to come. So me and my dad go and wait in the freezing cold with my friend Guido (who witnessed the kickage from a window), my bro and his friends. Cop takes his sweet-ass time, then recieves all the statements, says to the owner of the place "you've been drinking tonight" so he was like "um, no" and the cop was like "whatever, I don't really care about that anyway."

    My friend Guido thinks the guy was a rookie. He sure as fuck was all laid-back about that shit.

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    2. insertwackynamehere


      actually it was Catholic Schoolers protesting the closing of a Catholic School to the Catholic Church :P sorry for the misunderstanding.

    3. Kid Airbag

      Kid Airbag

      Yeah even though Guido is now the generic term for anyone of Italian descent living in America, I actually do know someone named Guido.

    4. Ralphis


      I've never met a guido ever