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  1. Before


    All I have to do is sand the grip, sand the whole body then refinish it and it will be sweet.

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    2. Dr. Zin

      Dr. Zin

      deathbringer said:

      Ah, i knew there where some regulations involving the overall length of a gun, but i was probably thinking of barrel sawing off anyway (gotta be illegal with shotguns, as a buckshot shell would go everywhere)

      Barrel length doesn't control the pattern of a shotgun, choke does:

      Dr. Zin said:

      Choke is a way of controlling the spread of a shotgun. This is achieved by having the last few inches of the barrel marginally narrower (like .01 inches). This works much the same was as the nozzle does on a garden hose.

      As said before, a cylinder bore is a gun with no choke. It is considered good out to 20 yards (i.e. it can put all of the pellets in a 30" circle at that distance). An Improved Cylinder (abbreviation IC) choke patterns at 30 yards. A Modified (MOD) choke is patterned at 40 yards and is considered the medium choke. A Full choke is patterned at 50 yards, and is about the tightest as most wingshooters will go. There are other chokes that exist between these four (and some chokes that are tighter than full), but these are the most common.

      Even guns with no choke pattern tighter than most people think.

    3. AirRaid


      Bloodshedder said:

      He could just get a (much more powerful) handgun and hide it in a jacket anyway. A carbine is designed to be a light, more powerful than a handgun, easily accessible weapon when needed in an emergency - such as a home invasion. As such, a cut-down .22 rimfire rifle is far, FAR from an ideal "home defense carbine", and an even worse concealed weapon.

      Which goes nowhere towards answering why he did it. BBG?

    4. Naked Snake

      Naked Snake

      AirRaid said:

      Which goes nowhere towards answering why he did it. BBG?

      For fun and because I wanted to.