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  1. My parents got me a 1999 Mustang Convertible. I'll post pics and actual info about the car when I get them.

    Color : midnight blue with a black top
    Engine : 6-cylinder, dunno the horsepower
    Milage : 86,000

    It was raining out and it's still 6 AM, so these aren't the greatest pictures in the world

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    2. AirRaid



      A V6 Drop-top mustang? You know that's generally considered about as girly a car as a Mazda Miata right? At least the Miata does what it was designed to do well though, which is be a small light sports car which handles like a dream. The V6 mustang is just a fat slacker with a girder for a rear axle and a gerbil in a wheel under the hood.

      For your info it put out ~190BHP when new. From a 3.8. God I hate american engines.

      I'm done.

      Oh hey, I like the colour. There's something positive.

      Edit: And before you say it, my car sucks. I know this.

    3. Scuba Steve

      Scuba Steve

      Haha, my car has a larger, more powerful engine in it!

    4. deathbringer


      Oh it's one of those wedgy ones. There was like 4 of them around my area a while back, but i havent seen any of them since. Some old granny has this massive 70's tank thing that never seems to rust or die, it's about double the length of any other car in 50 miles though **