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  1. I cannot stop watching House. I happened to find a place where I can watch House whenever I want, and I just watched the first two seasons, now I'm working on the third (which I've seen most of). Seriously, how can you not like this Vicodin-popping, misanthropic crippled bastard? The episode that ended the second season kicked ass. Elias Koteas (sp?) AKA Casey Jones from the live-action TMNT movies fucking shoots House. The episode is definetely a mind-fuck.

    David Larequette (sp? once again) is Coma Guy in one ep. Coma Guy's son comes in and House remembers "hey, this guy has a brain disease that means he can't see things on motion". He proves his theory by throwing a bag of chips at the kid, then walks towards the kid, becoming invisible in the process. Kid gets sick in true House fashion. House remembers some study from South Africa that says a drug cocktail or something can wake people from vegetative states. Fucking dude wakes up, doesn't give a shit his son is dying and basically wants a hoagie while he's actually awake. Heh.

    Season One is the best. There's just so many kick-ass episodes that it single-handedly justifies television existing. I'm going to rip my friend's House DVDs soon so I can mount it with DT instead of watching streams. So, yeah, watch House.

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    2. kristus


      Jeeves and Wooster is a great show! Haven't seen it in quite some time however-. :/

    3. Epyo


      shouldn't the topic be Dr. House is the shit?

    4. Snarboo


      I thought it was, but maybe a mod changed it?