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  1. Hauling scrap metal. Today I made $312, last week I made $198, the week before a modest $110. My dad took a huge load before he went to PA and got $700+.

    So, basically, I bought something! Synthetic stock for my rifle. Not bad, $47 bucks. Bought a brick of ammo (550 rounds) too. I'm thinking of finding a used GBA SP or something, I wish I could find one directly from a person instead of a store. Too bad everyone around here is pretty much technologically retarded besides their iPods and myspaces.

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    2. Danarchy


      Obviously, guns make people kill other people.

    3. Naked Snake

      Naked Snake

      GGG said:

      So which'll come first? Finding after 20 years that you never had a criminal to hold your gun to? Shooting a relative/neighbor who happened to wander into your yard but it was dark and you didn't see who it was? Or having gone through desperate measures to lure criminals to your place so you could pick them off with your gun and wind up with a big "whoops" face on your mugshot?

      You're fucking retarded.

      You never shoot if you're unsure of your target. Why would I lure anyone here to shoot them? You're ridiculous.

      You're basically concocting HIGHLY unlikely scenarios and expecting the worst possible outcome.

    4. GGG


      Do I have to start putting [/not serious] after every non-serious post I make now?