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  1. This should come as a shock to nobody, but I have decided to become a Master Gunsmith. I have sent for an info packet to a gunsmithing school in Pennsylvania. Pretty sweet deal. In sixteen months, I'd be a certified Master Gunsmith, capable of operating my own shop and teaching apprentices. I'll be learning the basics of firearm operation, to the most esoteric of operations. By the end, I will literally be able to start with nothing but metal and wood and with the aid of some machines, create an entire firearm from scratch.

    Yeah, it's a pretty odd career choice, but it's what I really, really want to do with my life. Fuck working for some corporate asshole, I can be my own boss.

    After I am done with that, I plan on attending a two year college and getting a degree in small business management, so I can better learn how to properly run a business, should I start one.

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    2. zark


      BBG make some awesome guns, k.

      Good luck, etc.

    3. BlackFish


      With your obsession with guns I'd imagine this could work.

    4. Gokuma