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  1. I love getting packages in the mail :

    -A high-polish brass Zippo with an armored case. Sexy lighter, looks gold. I didn't know it, but apparently the insert (the actual lighter, the proper name is the insert) is brass too, I thought it was regular nickle-coated steel.

    -Two magazines for my 995 9mm carbine. Along with the factory magazine, that means I can have 30 rounds ready to go. When I get at least two more mags, I'll be at the sweet spot for now.

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    2. Csonicgo


      My favourite was the video on the manufacturing of crayons. all the colours!

    3. Danarchy


      Yes! I remember that!

      I also remember the one where they are making trumpets and they had trumpet noises going while they pounded out their shape. :D

    4. Bucket