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  1. A couple weeks ago, I dropped $99 for an AR-15 lower receiver. Note, this isn't the one I ordered, just a visual representation of what it is :

    I called yesterday and it turns out that they oversold their stock, so I have to wait until they get their next batch in. This is a big pain in the ass, because this is the critical part and the only part of the gun that can't be shipped directly to my door, so I may get the rest of the rifle (upper receiver assembly, lower parts kit and a buttstock) before the actual firearm itself (under Federal law, since it is the serial #ed part, it is the firearm).

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    2. myk


      Naked Snake said:
      You can't fucking compare Bush to any of those monsters.

      I'd only start to compare him to Adolf, mostly because the other two were evidently individuals with more intelligence and initiative (or balls). Morally it's hard to compare them, as their contexts are so different. Put Bush in a country in true turmoil (such as during the US civil war), especially in a real war-time situation (and no, Afghanistan and Iraq don't count; those were just one-sided skirmishes compared to wars where powers smash each other to pieces), and we'd have to see.

      If the US would really have gone to shit somehow I get the impression Bush would have been set aside even more visibly than he was during his presidency, perhaps with Cheney saying the equivalent of "step aside boy, it's time for real men to get the guns crackin'!"

      Creaphis said:
      What I was trying to say is that I don't think somebody who does justify armed revolution will ever manage to take power in the USA, at this point. Despite all stereotypes, the average American IS smart enough not to elect Hitler. There are enough educated Americans for their knowledge to permeate society; it would take centuries of enforced ignorance before we could forget the basic lessons learned in WW2, the Civil War, etc. In case someone somehow slips through the cracks, or only shows his true colours later on, there are enough levels of government full of people with enough good sense to oust someone especially dangerous.

      Again, before you can judge that as a comparison, the US would have to be in a similar situation to Germany after the Great War, plus suffer a pretty bad economic crisis. We might be having the latter, but that's only half (or less) of the problem*. I assure you, sense in a society can go out the window in the blink of an eye in the same way an apparently sane person can "snap" in an ugly situation. I'd say that if there's something keeping bloody tyranny away in the US, it's a certain lack of conflict or imbalance, more than any sort of spiritual guarantee due to the "uprightness" or "education" of the people.

      * Hopefully, at least. Economic crises are known to often lead to pretty ugly climaxes.

    3. Naked Snake

      Naked Snake

      I think to tide myself over, I will get an antique Finnish Mosin-Nagant M39 rifle. It can be shipped right to my door because the receiver was made before 1899. Despite this, they are just as strong, reliable and accurate as my Russian Mosin-Nagant M91/30 made in 1927, or a Polish Mosin M44 carbine made in 1952.

      This specific rifle, which I hope to get (or one like it) was acquired by Finland through various means (capture in warfare, purchased / trade with other countries that had Mosins). They got heaps and heaps of Mosins and ravaged them, replacing the sights, stock and barrels to their specifications, as well as other modifications. The receiver is this part :

      The pic is pretty big in terms of image size so I am URLing to it

      They did not make their own receivers, they only used salvaged ones. These rifles more than likely saw use during Finland's defense against Russia during the Winter War / Continuation War.

      You have to admit, that is awesome, a piece of history that can be shipped to my door and can be used to harvest game.

    4. Creaphis


      Naked Snake said:

      You have to admit

      Okay fine, I will... that's pretty cool.