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  1. Yes, I got ANOTHER gun today...I am a little surprised myself, but the price was too damn good to pass up. It's a Romanian SKS, those go for $350-450 or more around here, I got this baby for $250.

    I modified it to make the bayonet seat in the stock

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    2. Creaphis



    3. Naked Snake

      Naked Snake

      Mr. T said:

      Is that an SKS?

      Welcome to the first sentence of my post...

    4. SYS


      Ah the SKS... I was shooting with one of those yesterday. Was out with a group of friends. Buddy who has the SKS we call him Frank Castle as he is utterly obsessed with guns. Like somebody in this blog posting :D Bayonet while a neat touch, is pretty useless in that you'll likely never need it.

      Very nice rifle to shoot with. Found it to be really accurate, or perhaps too much CoD: WAW got me accustomed to aiming with rifles since I last went shooting. Made me wish I got my FAC, he picked his up for $199.50 + 12% tax.

      They also offer the SKS with 1120 CZ rounds for only $350.

      It's the Simonov Russian SKS: http://www.leverarms.com/

      Under the headings "New Arrival" and "Special" if you want to take a look.