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  1. I got a Revelation 310C (Mossberg 500C 20 gauge made and marked under Western Auto's house brand name) a long time ago from my Uncle for free. It had a badly cracked stock that made it all wobbly, other than that, it was solid. I didn't have a good "before" pic, so I found one on Imageshack.





    Had to make a collar for the UTG forearm, my model is older.



    26" barrel was reduced to 18", the original bead was re-installed and it was ported in the style of this Mossberg 185KA 20 gauge bolt-action, 5 vertical cuts down the side. I plan on getting an OLight T15 1xAA model light and a CR123A battery tube for it. I am also most likely getting a Beamshot green laser for it.

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    2. Naked Snake

      Naked Snake

      exp(x) said:

      What the fuck is this shit? Do you honestly worry about someone busting into your home while you're there?

      No, I don't "worry" about it, but it is a part of reality and is certainly not outside the realm of possibility. I don't worry about getting into a car crash or having my house burn down either, but I still wear my seat belt and I still own a fire extinguisher and smoke detectors.

      You can get around explanations for your over-kill weaponry with "home defense". It's like a woman carrying a Dessert Eagle in her hand back for "self defense".

      How is this weapon "over-kill"? Nothing has changed about it other than the furniture changed from wood to plastic and aluminum. It didn't magically become more powerful or deadly. And carrying a Desert Eagle for self-defense, while IMO impractical, sure isn't over-kill.

    3. ReFracture


      Technician said:

      You can get around explanations for your over-kill weaponry with "home defense".

      Or a hobby. Yeah, some people have a hobby collecting and shooting guns for fun, how about that eh?

    4. Naked Snake

      Naked Snake

      Dr. Zin said:

      And yet another is seduced by the lure of the mall ninja...

      I think you've confused "getting accessories for a gun" with "mall ninja".

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