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  1. Carnevil said:

    There's a few things you're both (AlexMax and SoulPriestess) leaving out.

    a). I didn't need anything returned to me, so that's all moot. All of the skulltag.com files still exist. They just copied everything over to the new host - they did not erase what was there currently. All downloading her database would accomplish would be to keep all of the posts made in the week or so since the move. It's not really a big deal, or necessary.

    b). She was going to keep everything on skulltag.net in tact - the forum (though she claimed she would wipe the posts), site, staff, etc. In this case, what would be the point of me bringing my site back? All it would do is fracture the community and cause extreme chaos. This isn't what I'm after.

    c). In the above scenario, I took her up on it. I told her fine, let's do that. I joined their special chatroom, and was verbally assaulted by the entire staff. It was an empty promise. She had no intention of honoring it. Like she said, it was impulsive, and she later "came to her senses".

    @BBG: Thank you! I never thought you'd be sticking up for me, but it certainly is a welcome surprise. I obviously agree with what you said.

    Sorry to jump in here guys and keep this all going, but I have to clear that all up. I don't expect to change anyone's minds, but I don't want misinformation out there.

    np Carn. I have a question. Would you be willing to compromise for the better of all? I have a proposed solution.

    The current team can use the currently existing resources under the following conditions :

    -The fork project must create a new name that is not similar to Skulltag, unless approved by Carnevil. Its logo must be different.

    -Carnevil and others must be credited for their creation of the resources in the new project, by name, prominently in all documentation and "about pages" and all that. In other words, you can have your fork project, but Carn gets his credit where it is due.

    -The Fork team not engage in any hostilities towards Carnevil if he chooses to continue with the same resources on the original Skulltag project, nor condone / allow others in their community to do so.

    I believe these conditions give both sides a fair chance to represent the wishes of the community.

  2. On a long reflection, I have this to say. I was torn at first between a feeling of sympathy for Carnevil and extreme displeasure at the actions of these people who I don't know in "stealing" Skulltag and sympathizing with the folks who I don't know who seemed to have been given control of a project and then having the Old Boss come back in and re-assert himself. However, in the end, I think both sides are being childish, petty fuckers for lack of a better term, and need to take a step back and get a reality check.

    Both sides know Carnevil started and owns Skulltag. What they don't seem to grasp is that Skulltag can never be theirs to own, ever. It's Carnevil's creation, and by all rights, you guys should just step down and give him back his website and his game mod. I don't even like Carn that much, but I feel he has been cheated and usurped by upstarts who have no idea what the fuck integrity is, apparently.

    Carnevil has sacrificed his time and energy into Skulltag, what you have done is theft of the results of a man's dedicated effort to create a fun Doom modification and engine port. I think if you want to end the drama for real, you'll completely hand back control of Skulltag entirely to Carnevil and start your own counter project from scratch using whatever engine you feel is best. Make your own bots, sprites, scripts, maps, sounds, program your own netcode and engine features. To continue on with the Skulltag name is dishonesty at its lowest.

  3. Jodwin said:

    True, the whole notion of "we don't have crime because we don't have guns" is a joke. If someone really, really wants to have guns (often for criminal purposes) they'll find a way to get their guns.

    But I still think the concept of "home defense" is a joke. You'd be much better off (and the future generations would be happy for it) if instead of gathering guns for "defense" you'd actually try to make your culture less violent. Instead of fighting crime you should be looking at the reasons you're having so much crime that you need "defense" in the first place.

    Yeah....about that. A very close friend (we call call home-owner) of mine had a man enter his home in the middle of the night. He has two daughters and a son. The man, who was angry at the home-owner for dating the intruder's ex-girlfriend, made threats despite the home-owner telling him that he had a gun and just wanted the guy to get the fuck out. The man continued his threats and the home-owner shot him dead. This is in a town in the middle of nowhere, with about 3,000 people. It was the first self-defense shooting in the town since 1893 (no joke). Regardless, what if the home-owner had no weapon? Who's to say that the intruder, who did personally know the home-owner, would have stopped at killing him? Like I said, the man had two teenage daughters...I'm pretty damn sure I'd have shot that guy too, if I had kids.

    I think you're just as dangerous as a criminal intent on killing me for wanting guns out of MY hands because "home defense is a joke." Of course, I combat people like you with words, which can be lethal weapons in their own right.

    I agree we need to look at the reason that crime is so prevalent in our society, yes, but banning or heavily restricting guns will solve nothing other than to make it harder for me to protect me and mine.

    You also might want to note that if you remove "gun crime" as the sole indicator of what country is horrible, you might see that in all other aspects, European countries tend to have much higher crime than the United States when it comes to say, assault, sexual assault, armed robbery (don't need a gun to steal a wallet or a car), carjacking...wonder why?

  4. Craigs said:

    Might be worth it if we're taking them away from paranoid nut jobs who are constantly afraid of being attacked. In my opinion, they're just as dangerous as the criminals themselves.

    This mindset has always been dangerous, despite the fact that almost all of the USA has become "shall issue" when it comes to concealed handgun carrying and thus have seen a reduction in crime. I'd say it's fair to say that almost all people who conceal carry are very nice, reasonable, intelligent human beings that are not "paranoid nut jobs" that are "constantly afraid". They do, however, wake up in the morning and acknowledge that the world is generally not so predicable.

    Somewhere out there, perhaps nearby, is a bad man or woman. They may not every encounter you, they may see you tomorrow, perhaps while you read this sentence they steal your car. Who knows? That's why they strap on a gun. That's also why they make sure they have working smoke detectors and fire extinguishers, a well-stocked home First Aid kit, they make sure they can see when the power goes out and all that good stuff. They're good folk, they abide the law as best as they can. I advise you to take a look at some of the pro-gun posters by Oleg Volk. Yes, he's a tad weird, but I do agree with him, especially on supressors and the like.

    Mr. Freeze, what state are you in where you can't own a Mossberg 590? I live in New York state (not NYC), so I feel your hurt when it comes to those silly-ass Unconstitutional pistol permits (haven't got one myself, but I've got plenty of long guns, don't need a permit for that), but even in NY with their pistol permit shit and their equally illegal "comsetic feautre ban" *ahem* I mean "assault weapons ban", you can own a pump-action shotgun with all sorts of crazy shit on it all day long as long as it's not a semi-auto.

    FN Five-Sevens are neat in theory, but I wouldn't CCW one. I'd get one for owning and keeping around the house, sure, but for daily carry, first off, you're gonna have to explain your gun in front of a grand jury if you use it. A Five-Seven sure don't look nice, it holds 20 or 30 cartridges in states that aren't crapsucks and shoots a round touted to destroy body armor. Have fun with that. Secondly, the ammo is expensive as a bastard. Anything you carry, you want the option of reloading even if you only plan on shooting steel-cased ammo.

    The Mossberg 590 is essentially a Mossberg 500 made to adhere to US Armed Forces requirements in a service shotgun. It's a damned rugged, reliable bastard and it's easy to service by the end-user (you). Can't go wrong with either a Mossberg or a Remington, they're both solid and proven workhorses.

    Oh, and while we're showing off guns, if some of you recall the new AK I got a bit back, well, it too got some surgery and it too no longer looks like a hunting rifle (yes, this rifle is 100% legal in my state and is semi-automatic only. And no, it doesn't have to be registered or licensed.)

    It's the one with green furniture.

  5. Gez said:

    Starting with a chainsaw would make the chainsaw pickups stupid.

    What if the player doesn't know where to find the chainsaw or dies trying to get it? Note that you are not required to start with it either, it's an option ;-P

  6. I like the idea but I think it should be kept as simple as possible. On skills 1-3, if you die, you should have the option to "Restart with pistol" or "Start with extra gear". It should then proceed to give you a chainsaw, shotgun and chaingun with almost full ammunition (only on E#M8s would you get a RL or in Doom II, any level above Dead Simple). You should also spawn with blue armor but set at 100% durability. Perhaps the extra gear option should also bestow the full automap (including secrets) so that a novice player can have access to the full layout to better plan their route or remember where stuff like health and armor can be found.

    EDIT : to simplify the dialogue on death, it should merely prompt you : "Need some help?" and you can answer yes or no.

  7. John Carmack said:

    I expect we will see all the way up through Quake Arena, although that will need some higher performance drivers for acceptable play. It does remain to be seen how well freelook is going to work with the touch/tilt controls.

    We also have some brand new titles coming, and the best of our java/brew mobile RPG titles will be moved over. Lots of stuff coming for iPhone.

    John Carmack

    Will this iPhone Doom be a package set of the commercial Doom releases (Ultimate Doom, Doom II and Final Doom) or will we have to buy the games piecemeal?

  8. I think CodeImp rocks and all, and Doombuilder is great, but it still boggles my mind that Doombuilder 2 requires such relatively powerful hardware compared to the game it is editing. In fact, the requirements are close to the requirements for Doom 3.

  9. I like it using the pistol sound, as it basically is a super-pistol and eats the same ammo.

    As an aside, I had a non-suppressed TMP model for Counter-Strike back in the day and I used the Doom pistol sound for it, it was pretty damn good.

  10. EarthQuake said:

    Pretty soon Nascar is going to be scripted like wrestling, with fake explosions, crashes, and trash-talking before each "race". (Edit: and it figures BBG would be the only advocate on Doomworld for Nascar... You goddamn hick.)

    I don't watch NASCAR, just pointing out that anyone that says "NASCAR is only for rednecks" is actually MORE retarded than the people they're trying to feel superior to.

  11. kristus said:

    Yes. It's pretty bad ass though, there's quite a few things that's better in it than in the final game there... or so I've heard. I'VE of course NEVER played it. *whistle*

    The sounds were way better, that's for sure.