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  1. The castle loomed in the horizion with pires that stuck the air like daggers.Where were you.This was not the U.S. and this castle did not look like something the monsters created.You cock your shotgun and walk up the road carefully as you do not wish to fall down the mountainside.Suddenly,a shot rings out and you feel a sharp stinging pain in your shoulder.You cry out in agony.The bullet must of had something on it,because you were starting to black out.Die of a poison bullet but hell can't kill me you think to yourself before falling to the dirt.
    You wake up in a cell,the walls marked with notches indicating how long the person was in there.The name next to the notches was Blackowitz.Hmm,so this was a prison,but who ran it.You sit in the corner,cradling your injured shoulder,and think of a way to escape.Footsteps echo in the halls and people are talking some strange language.Sounds like german,so you flip the language translator on your helmet.Three men stand right out your door with blank looks on their faces.The large metal door opened with a squeal and the men walked in.
    "Name,Rank and Serial Number" the man in front said,in german but your translator made it english.
    "None,Yo,D A M N B I Z N E S S" you reply.Without the translator they probably would have killed you.
    "Leave me" the man on the left says.The other two men leave and go about their buisness.The man walks up to you and tries to punch you in the stomach,you sidestep,grab his knife and slit his throat.You grab for his pistol and his keys.Time to get outta here.As you get up you wonder what ever happened to that Blackowitz guy?

  2. Your last shell clatters to the ground and hits almost at the same time as the demon.You stare at its corpse,hatred arises in you.I used up my last shells on your worthless ass the marine thought.He strapped the shotgun to his back.No rounds left in his pistol either he realized he needed a miracle.He slowly peered around the corner of the hallway.A zombie standing there with spittle running from his mouth down to his chin.You put on your knuckle dusters and stalk slowly until you are right behind the zombie.You pull your fist back and thrust forth hitting the monster on the back of his skull,caving it in.It falls to the ground with a thump and a pool of blood forms underneath its bashed cranium.You pick up the pistol he was holding and check for ammo.Empty!You angrily throw the pistol at the brown wall and it hits with a smack and drops to the floor.You open the strange looking door it was guarding.The door creaked open and red light filled the once dark hallway.On a pedastal in the middle of the room was...something.It looked like a gun only not human.You walk up to it carefully wondering if it is a trap.You reach out quickly and grasp the gun in your hands and wait.Nothing.You inspect it,not knowing if its a gun or not.You find the trigger and you pull it.BIZZOM!A red beam of energy burst forth from the barrel of the gun.The beam hit the wall and left a huge burn mark.You peer down at the gun,covered in bones and flesh and say "What the $%#& is this?".Your miracle...

  3. You climb up the steep mountain,rocks fall down hitting your visor.You grunt with effort to pull yourself up onto another ledge.You want to leave hell behind as quickly as you can.Your mind flashes images of your expirences.Rotting corpses brought back to life,shambling towards you,weapons still clutched in their dead fingers as they walk toward you moaning with one though left in their decomposed brains.Kill anything with a pulse.The hideous Cacodemons,floating one eyed mouths of death.Then their master the Spider-demon.Its huge metal legs stomp on the ground as it shrieks and opens fire with its chaingun...
    your climb is almost finished.Only a few more feet to go.With the thought of escape from hell so close to being reality you double your effort.You finally reach the top.You remove your helmet,which,after many battles has been left cracked and scarred.You take in a breath.Real air,not recycled.But all does not look right.The huge city ahead is nothing but smoldering ruins.You see Cacodemons and Lost souls pacing above the city like buzzards.Your face becomes that of hate as you grip your pistol,wishing you hadn't had to leave the rest of your guns in hell just because they weighed you down.Oh well,its time to show hell you can't fuck with this marine.

  4. Anticipation coarsed through your veins."When are they gonna call me in?" you ask.The landscape of Phobos was desolate like that of a desert stripped of life.As you stare into the horizon your radio crackles.
    "Alpha,this is Bravo.Do you read?"
    "Go ahead Alpha."
    "We have several XTs in our sights.They have not seen us yet.Should we open fire sir".XTs?Damn this was getting weird you think.Then a horrific sound came through.Many screams crying out in horror,some damning their fate others crying out to their loved ones as a final wish to see them one last time.No you think.
    "Alpha,do you copy?Alpha?Ok marines all XTs are considered danger-".The man was cut off and his scream came through clearly on the radio.Gun fire echoed into the radio and screams of anguish resounded into the musty air of the moonbase.Then silence.Utter silence.
    "No." you mutter as tears fill your eyes.You clench your hand around your pistol so tight you knuckles turn white.Well,you think to yourself,if this is the way its gonna end at least let me take a few of the bastards out.You suck air deep into your lungs as you aproach the door of the moonbase and most likely your death...

  5. Ok here is the Demon introDEMON

    ...The elevator creaked and groaned like thousands of the dying.The marine's decent into the abyss was a journey he was reluctanat to participate in.When the elevators trip had been completed the doors swung open.The room was brighter than many the marine had been in.He walked for what seemed like miles but in reality it was more like 5 feet.He peered over a ledge and spied a hideous looking creature with huge muscles and sharp horns potruding from its massive head that held a large open maw.The marine raised his shotgun and aimed.BLAM!The shotguns blast filled the air with thousands of deadly BBs from its buckshot.Many struck the monster's curved back.It roared in agony and rushed at the marine.What takes a shotgun blast and doesnt die the marine wondered.He loaded another shell and let loose another wave of death.The beast fell to the floor with a wet splat.The marine exhaled sharply and jumped down to continue his journey that held his unknown fate...

  6. IMP

    The Imp howled in fury as the space marine entered the dark room.A light flickered in the corner as the marine opened the door.The Imp's demonic red eyes blazed like the fires of hell and it thrust its muscular arm forth casting a fireball into the musty air.The fireball found its mark on the marine's shoulder.He yelled in angush and he aimed his M-16a1 at the satanic beast and let loose a rain of bullets into its rough leathey hide.It bellowed in pain and fell to the floor with a thud.The holes in its corpse formed a puddle of blood on the floor.The marine panted as he entered the next room...

    whatya think?

  7. The creatured that lurked within knew nothing of mercy.They slaughtered without remorse.They knew nothing of fear.They mindlessly plunged into battle.They were the perfect killing machines...they were hellspawn...

  8. DOOM is better than Duke Nukem 3D because the enemies are cooler,the guns are cooler,the levels are cooler,the story is cooler,the title is cooler and DOOM is just cool.Why is DOOM so cool.Because its not hot...it cool so cool off and drink a cool soda like JOLT and go somewhere cool and be cool above all and if your pissed off keep a cool head and kiss my cool ass...


  9. These are the weapons I would like to see in DOOM 3

    2-Desert Eagle
    3-Shotgun/Super Shotgun
    6-Grenade Launcher
    7-Rocket Launcher
    8-Sniper Rifle
    9-Plasma Rifle
    0-BFG 15000
    or maybe the sniper rifle could be the Railgun...

  10. I owned all 4 DOOM novels and lost 3 of them...no big loss.I think those books were poorly written and not worth the paper they were written on.I just lost my last book...I was out of TP for my bunghole...

  11. I would like to make things other than barrels and demons blow up in DOOM 3.Like running around and seeing a computer and blasting it to tiny bits of glass and like if you punch glass it hurts you.Punching a wall would make you hear the pain sound but you wouldnt lose health.