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  1. DooMAD said:

    I think everyone knew it would happen eventually. Next up will be an operating system, closely followed by a giant robot army and global domination.

    I wouldn't mind a Google OS, they have a pretty clever team that is dedicated to providing a good product. You can't accuse Google of doing anything half-assed.

  2. Death-Destiny said:

    I agree with Creaphis. Any imaginary new apes wandering around would have long since been discovered if they were really here and looked for this exhaustively. I guess it's just a fun hobby, like looking for the Lost City of Atlantis and the Loch Ness Monster and whatever other legends someone thinks might be plausible despite contrary evidence. You probably learn some interesting things during your hunt nonetheless. There's no harm in it and, again, it probably is quite fun for some.

    They aren't looked for "exhaustively", those types of dedicated searches cost money. There's plenty of uninhabited woodlands in the USA for a creature such as Bigfoot to survive, thrive and hide. The arguement of "it doesn't exist because we haven't found it" fails. We're finding new creatures all the time, even in places where humans have inhabited for quite a while.

    Two good examples : the Giant Squid and the Coelacanth (which was already mentioned). One was thought to be a legend of salty sea-dogs who had spent too much time at sea, the other was concluded by scientists to be extinct until some villagers in South Africa were like "we catch them once in a while, they suck, they're no good to eat." and scientists were like "DON'T THROW THEM BACK, WE'LL GIVE YOU MONEY!" "Oh-ho?"

    Now, I personally have a hard time believing in something like Bigfoot, but it isn't impossible or even illogical, it's just unlikely.

  3. Kyka said:

    Whenever Russia gets involved in a war, it always seems to be particularly brutal. Not saying that Russians are a more brutal people, but their wars always seem to be.

    This looks like an ugly conflict. I hope it can be resolved, though it does not look easily resolvable. One of my good friends is Russian, and has recently joined the military (Australian) as a combat engineer. If he was still in Russia, he may have ended up fighting in this conflict himself.

    Don't sugar coat it. Yes, the Russian military tends to be brutal, I don't think they've had a reputation otherwise. Sending the Russian Army somewhere is like unleashing a natural disaster. A whirlwind of destruction and devastation, rape and plunder. The Russians know how to have a good time.

  4. Gez said:

    It's so very simple, though.

    Metalhead is a girl. Most of the online Doom gamers are immature and insecure 13-year old boys. And there you have it.

    They hate her because she's a girl and, as the little bundle of sexist egoism they are, they think a girl's place is below them, not above them. All they puerile insults they've used during their attack of the forums (gay, dyke, whore, and so on) reveals that they're just a bunch of young, sexually-frustrated morons. They just can't tolerate that a "bitch" has power over them. This forum hacking was just their way to "show" the true power of the penis, because they have one and they need to persuade themselves that the one they have isn't too small.

    Seen how the major point they hold against Metalhead is how they're calling her a lesbian? It doesn't matter whether it's true or not, this homophobia merely illustrates how all their frustrations comes from their own puberty crisis.

    Somehow, I am pretty sure this has nothing to do with sexism or homophobia, you're reading way too deeply into the actions of a moron. They don't like her probably because they were idiots and did something that raised the ire of the admin in question which in turn pissed them off. It really is no more simpler than they are tools and tools behave like this.

  5. Texas Libra said:

    Honestly, I thought that was common knowledge :-/

    Oh yeah, and I think there should be a complete boxed set of all his albums to be released sometime soon, along with a "more" complete collection of all his stand-up specials and other specials (e.g. "George's Best Stuff").

    I'm betting there is something in his will that will require all his DVDs / CDs / books to be released in one epic set and have a title related to him being dead, you know he'd want it that way.