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  1. insertwackynamehere said:

    Okay, what if the black hole created lasts a few milliseconds but the scientists are pulled into it. No one knows what happened to them and just assume they were crushed into singularity. The black hole has already evaporated and that's that. One of the surviving scientists gets a grip after a few minutes and looks down in his hand. He is clutching something. It is a telegram. He had received it a minute before the activation of the accelerator. He opens it and reads it. "HELLO DOCTOR. THIS IS DR. PHILLIPS. THE YEAR IS 1865 AND I AM CURRENTLY IN LONDON POSING AS A SALESMAN FOR MIRACLE CURE JUICE. IT IS REALLY PENICILLIN LOL. I HOPE I DON'T MESS THINGS UP. ANYWAY, IF YOU GET THIS BEFORE ACTIVATING THE ACCELERATOR, PLEASE TELL ME TO STAND BACK. IF NOT, WHATEVER, JUST TURN THE MACHINE ON AGAIN WITH THE SAME VARIABLES. I WILL WAIT AT THE LOCATION I ARRIVED IN AND JUMP INTO THE BLACK HOLE ON THAT SIDE. HOPEFULLY WE CAN BE REUNITED."

    They turn the machine on again. The scientist walks through dressed in 19th century garb.

    Sounds like an M. Night Shamalyan (sp?) movie. How would colliding atoms, something that happens all the time in the universe, cause time travel in the reverse direction?

  2. Captain Red said:

    Sounds like you're a fan of 'Nintendo Hard'. good for you. Personally I find real life frustrating enough without having my ass kicked during my favorite pass time.

    Dude, you just ruined me, I started looking at that site at like, 5:30ish PM and it's 9:17 PM now and there seems to be no end in sight :-P

  3. alexz721 said:

    Women, food, sleep, drugs, music.

    I'm a simple man.

    Same here. Smoke some grass and listen to some tunes, bang a chick, enjoy a properly cooked steak with an excellent marinade, these are some of the finest things in life.

  4. udderdude said:

    The levels don't really look as fun and imaginative as the oldschool Duke 3D levels were. Oh well. I guess I really shouldn't get my hopes up .. hell, I shouldn't even have any hopes to get up about it at this point. :P

    You saw roughly 12 seconds of gameplay footage, how the fuck did you come to this conclusion?

  5. brinks said:

    Call me crazy, but I don't find the concept of placing the part from which a woman urinates in my mouth too appealing. With that said, cheese>oral sex.

    Learn anatomy and avoid her urethra then. Also, a few fun facts : urine is sterile, unless they are sick with something, and you'd know they were sick. (BTW that doesn't mean STDs, you can't get STDs from pee.) Urine is basically just salt and water with urea mixed in, urea is just what your kidneys filter out. When you sweat, the SAME EXACT STUFF COMES OUT. Sweat and pee are the same thing, they just come out of different holes.

    So, unless you plan on avoiding kissing her sweaty neck...don't be a pussy and give that bitch the best oral she's ever had.

  6. -(Ultimate) Doom (PC, PSX, GBA, SNES, Mac demo)
    -Doom 2 (PC, PSX, GBA)
    -Final Doom (PC, PSX)
    -Master Levels (PC, PSX)
    -Doom 64 (on the N64, not just the mod)
    -Lost Episodes add-on for Doom
    -Heretic + Expansion
    -Hexen + Expansion
    -Doom 3 + Expansion (and the Doom 3 alpha :-D)

    Whenever I play Q3A my skin is Doom, Phobos or Crash.

    I tried to play Doom RPG emulated but try to start a game crashed the emulator.

  7. deathbringer said:

    As somebody who loved the first RE novel* i may have to check this out

    *-more enjoyable than the game, even. Though i understand the later books went off in a wierd direction. Then again so did RE4...

    I have all the books in the RE series by SD Perry (unless there are more). She's a pretty damn good writer.

  8. Craigs said:

    Agreed. A lot of the stuff in the last two original Doom novels were just kinda dumb, like the "Freds" and the "newbies", a rapidly evolving race that eventually evolves themselves out of exsistence... <_<;

    I just read the excerpt and it's really not all that bad. The imagery is a lot better then the original Doom novels. A lot of times when I was reading the Doom novels I wouldn't have a very good idea of what was going on because the descriptions were so vague.

    I'm on page 178 so far and I can tell you that this guy is a pretty good writer. The book has a pretty good pace and when he writes from a character's POV, you can feel the personality shift. The Doom books fell flat on that. All of the Doom novel characters felt the same : wordy and they all had a troubled past. Anyway, so far, good read.