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  1. BJ Blazkowicz said:

    Pain Elementals.
    Not because they spew Lost Souls.
    Not because they blow up and spew 3 more Lost Souls.
    Not because they don't do any melee damage.
    But because they look like lazy edits of the Cacodemon.

    Actually, they probably saved a lot of man-hours and money editing the Cacodemon sprite than making a new clay model for the PE.

  2. Danarchy said:

    Isn't it illegal to sell money at anything but face value? Not that it stops a lot of people, or that the government cracks down on that sort of thing, but I think it is.

    There is probably an exemption for pieces of collectible value.

  3. _bruce_ said:

    1.Blood(such a shame that the source did't get released). In the Blood Alpha some source files were included, but encrypted - goddammit.
    Though it runs well in DosBox.
    3.AlienTrilogy was nice too...

    The password is elcyer (thanks mewse)

  4. Bloodshedder said:

    I see. By "dressing" I meant preparation for butchering, not field dressing. My dad has done it before - but he got the deer from another person. The only deer carcass I've seen wasn't taken by him. The head was probably the first thing to go, but I didn't actually watch him butcher the thing.

    Oh, yeah, in that context, yep, it's the head, then the legs are removed from the trunk. Some butchers will get the meat off the legs as well for extra sausage meat, most don't.

  5. Bloodshedder said:

    I'm not knowledgeable at all about hunting, but one thing I do know about deer is that the head is often the first thing removed before dressing the rest of the deer... (skinning, removing internal organs, etc.)

    No it's not. You put your deer tag in the deer's ear, call the # in and the tag must be attached when you take it to a taxidermist or a butcher.

  6. It's hunting season with shotguns here in NY and I was wondering if anyone here hunts at all? If not, do you fish?

    EDIT : Shit, forgot a "I'm a Greenpeace / tree-hugger asshole" option. So if you're that type of person, just say so!

  7. If you were to play in a band, what instrument would you play and why? What genre would you like to perform in? As the poll shows, vocals are an "instrument".

    If you do play in a band, tell us the name and what you play.

    If I was to be in a band, I'd sing because I like to sing, I guess, heh. I have a pretty good vocal range, so genre isn't really important. If I could play guitar, I'd do that too, because you know, chicks dig guitars. I really like the sound of the electric guitar and I find it interesting how it melds with all the other instruments in a rock band (drums, rhythm guitar, bass guitar, lead vocals and back-up vocals). I'd really like to play drums too, but drumming and singing can be pretty hard. Sure, it can be done, but playing a guitar or just standing there singing is a little easier.

  8. Heh, I remember my Doom interview site on Yahoo...I had a few things of worth, but not much, aside from the interviews, which I think were pretty alright for being done by a kid that wasn't even 16 yet. They made the DW front page a few times :-P

    I really enjoyed Kaiser's interview, but I felt it was too short and didn't ask some more interesting questions, they all seem to follow a format until the CodeImp interview.

    Your color scheme sucks, sorry, red on black is horrible on everything but digital alarm clocks. Try making the text white on a black backround.

  9. There's something new brewing in Odamex's cauldron this October. The Odamex team has announced their first official contest. The mapping contest aims to complete a multiplayer WAD to played at the MAGFest gaming festival in January. The website has listed the contest dates, so pay attention to your calendar:

    Contest Dates:
    Mapping Period (Oct. 8, 2007 - Oct. 26, 2007)
    Judging Process (Oct 27, 2007 - Nov 1, 2007)
    Results/Release Party (Friday, Nov 2, 2007, 8PM EST)

    The contest requirements and prizes are, obviously, listed on the Odamex website, so head on over.

  10. I'd pay $5 because 90% of the cost of a CD is the manufacturing. Online delivery cuts out the middle man. I also feel that if I pay, even $5, that will show that this CAN work and still profit for the artist. Shit, any time you put a track down in the studio you're at risk of it being leaked. Any time you send a CD to be pressed into a gold master, you're at risk of it being copied and leaked. And obviously, when the CD hits the shelves, people can copy the songs and upload them for the net for all to have for free. If the band does it, at least they're not losing money against their will.