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  1. Dr. Zin said:

    Actually, the ATF could nail them by revoking their licenses to possess NFA weapons. While some smaller organizations arm themselves upon arriving in country (using captured weapons), larger groups like Blackwater maintain stables of weapons regulated out of civilian use, like machine guns, grenade launchers, armored vehicles and the like. IIRC these groups use loopholes like getting FFLs for dealing in NFA items or manufacturing them (which allow them to purchase "dealer samples," which allow them to get around such obstacles as the closure of the machine gun registry).

    Rescind the licenses and these organizations would be in deep shit. Of course they would need to be forced to comply with such actions, which would probably require a large military operation.

    True. It's fucking utterly astounding that the ATF actually grants these licenses and allows these loopholes. Man, you have to jump through shit-hoops to get a C&R license but a "corporation" can own grenade launchers and fully-automatic firearms. Jesus.

  2. Jello said:

    Eh, it's a living.

    Yes, but it's one that is ultimately detrimental to the over-all security of the world. See, now that this group is kicked out of Iraq, they've got a lot more man-power to do whatever the Hell their next job is. And their next job probably involves killing lots of people. And they can do it LEGALLY, from the United States. They pay their taxes with blood money.

    The shitty thing is that it's almost impossible to ban this totally, because there's just so much land in America that some people own so much that yes, they could probably practice for war and not have anyone near enough to hear them.

  3. Quasar said:

    Hurricane Katrina destroyed a whole city and everybody pretty much already forgot about that. And about the ongoing dismal response of the government to the crisis.

    Yeah, but people like me that are far away from such situations look at it as like "you built your city next to a hurricane zone, you paid the price."

    The levee was dry indeed.

  4. myk said:

    I guess BBG's edit makes my reply less applicable now, though ironically I losered Nightmare Doom the other day, and I doubt anyone else would start anything like that here nowadays.

    Also, I don't see how I belittled Chileans. After all, they're more likely to associate 9/11 with Augusto Pinochet's reign of terror than Americans are.

    But ok, to all the Chileans out there, I apologize.

    Ok, back on topic : 30% of Americans cannot name either the DAY, MONTH or YEAR of 9/11 or a multitude of the three. 30% Holy fuck.

  5. Go Augusto!

    Oh, nevermind, 9/11/01, that's the one that everyone remembers (unless you're from Chile).

    So, yeah, what are your thoughts after all these years? Where were you when you heard the news? I was in school. Went to Social Studies and there was live footage of the tower burning from the first plane hit. I was like "hmm, I'm gonna go back to my other class" and I went there. Watched the second plane hit the second tower live. I also watched them collapse when I was at home. Yeah. It was pretty terrible to watch, but now I can watch vids of the jumpers all day long and not be phased, sadly. :-/

    Just share your thoughts about this.


  6. I found this comment made after Mr. Roger's passing and, well, I think it speaks for itself :

    “Fred Rogers was an inspiration to me. I am 35 years old and I have cerebral palsy. Mister Rogers made me feel important and let me know that despite the cerebral palsy and my learning disability, I could make something of myself. The Office of Vocational Rehabilitation told my parents I could not go to college. I have a B.A. in communication and a master’s in rehabilitation sciences. Now, thanks to Mister Rogers, my parents and others, I work with individuals who have mental-retardation and mental-health issues. Thank you, Mister Rogers, for believing in children everywhere and for helping me believe in myself to become the person and the neighbor I am today.”


    EDIT : I think it'd be incredible if somehow people could raise funding to transfer all 33 seasons of Mr. Rogers to DVDs.

  7. Janitor said:

    no weed for me kids. cigs, yes. probly not a good idea, but the whole legality factor is what keeps me away from weed.



    It depends on your country, state / province, county and maybe even your town itself the penalties marijuana carries. Anything less than a quarter ounce of marijuana is decriminalized in New York State, which means it can either be confiscated or can you can get a fine and the fine is only a violation, not a misdemeanor or felony.

  8. I thought that article was interesting. Id, it seems, really has gone down a slightly different path. Oddly enough, they're kinda acting like Romero wanted in the first place, a gaming empire. Id can license out engines and IPs out the ass to a few companies and then hire another team to do a fucking sequel to another IP they own. How about "Hovertank 3599" or "Catacombs : Gymores' Dagger". They can also out-source all the porting work if they wanted to be lazy about it, too.

  9. I sent an e-mail to Gabe Newell (he usually responds when I e-mail him) :

    Hi Gabe,

    With the release of id's catalogue on Steam, Doomers have taken an interest in the fact that Doom (and the other Doom-engine games, Heretic and Hexen) are obviously amongst this collection. As you're probably aware, Doom is open source and as such, modern engines have been created from the Doom code-base (commonly known as a "source port") to enhance the playing experience. Right now, using one of these modern engines with Doom on Steam is esoteric. We were hoping that it would be possible for a future update to allow Doom, Heretic and Hexen to launch an external engine. The modern engines today can play mods and maps that are simply not possible to play in the original engine, due to either effects not present in the Doom engine or because it requires a removal of some limits in the original engine like visplane overflow. This allows people that buy Doom on Steam to play thousands of user-created mods and keep the game alive and thriving.

    We'll see what he says.

  10. I recall making a post in this thread earlier...anyway, seems Valve is really pimpin' this for id. I guess they're grateful for hookin' them up with the Quake / Quake 2 engine so they could pwn house with Half-Life.

    Their offering seems pretty reasonable, $70 for every single id game, damn.

  11. BlankMind said:

    I'm translating to Brazilian Portuguese. I used Ex-Humano (ex-human), it looked like the best translation for me (exactly like you guys have said later).

    I don't have too much problems with English, just some words that are hard to translate or that aren't in the dictionaries that I use.

    Well, I had stopped seeing this topic after my "Thanks" above, but now I came back and got really impressed about the discussion that it has become ^^

    Well, going a little off-topic now, I have another translating problem. See this phrase about Demon: "they'll rip your fraggin' head off". I understood the sense of the phrase, but couldn't get the sense of "fragging". What does it mean? Synonyms would be nice :)

    And thanks again **

    An alternative to fragging would be "frigging" "fricking" or "freaking", basically clean replacements for the word fuck, like leileilol said.