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  1. Mr_Myaghi

    Doom for Linux help!

    I first downloaded a doom version from cnet but couldn't get it to work, so I downloaded another version. I am 100% sure I have all the needed libraries needed. I've tested both with the rpms from mandrake and from the game website...doesn't do any difference. If you have any idea, please help me out. I'm trying to compile but in the ./configure script I get following error: checking for x... no checking for sdl-config... no checking for SDL - version >= 1.1.3... no *** The sdl-config script installed by SDL could not be found *** If SDL was installed in PREFIX, make sure PREFIX/bin is in *** your path, or set the SDL_CONFIG envionment variable to the *** full path to sdl-config. checking for SMPEG_playAudio in -lsmpeg... no checking fo Mix_loadMUS in -lSDL_mixer... no *** Compiling without SDL_mixer installed probably won't work checking for SDLNet_UDP_Bind in -lSDL_net... no configure: error: *** You must have the SDL libraries installed before y *** See http://prboom.sourceforge.net/linux.html
  2. Mr_Myaghi


    Mandrake 8.1 is the best for newbies but if your looking for the best dist if you're a bit more advanced, trust me suse is much better than redhat. That's not only my opinioin, suse always wins all the tests between the two dists