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  1. CrostDaergon

    90's Doom wads

    There's a pretty cool DOOM TC called "Zombies" from around 96 or 97... it didn't age well but it's definitely a product of its time and a cool piece of modding to look at considering the time of its release.
  2. CrostDaergon

    Is DOOM 64 on Switch worth buying?

    > regretting having bought the game on Switch
  3. CrostDaergon

    Is DOOM 64 on Switch worth buying?

    It's better than the DOOM / DOOM II ports for sure. Widescreen, key rebinding, nicer graphics. I just hate having to sit through all the FMVs everytime I launch the game. Other than this, then yeah it's a very solid port and an overall improvement over the original N64 version.
  4. CrostDaergon

    Crispy Doom and timidity?

    Thank you @plums , your explanation was great ! You're doing god's work there.