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  1. Matakrow

    ⚫ Blocked-Out Is Compiling... ⚫

    Welp... The Blocked is out now! Thank you for being so patient with me.
  2. ================================================================== DOWNLOAD ================================================================== Idgames.txt Be sure to check the help screens for each individual map in ZDoom ports!
  3. Matakrow

    ⚫ Blocked-Out Is Compiling... ⚫

    Sure thing! Apologies for seeming dead. ============================= blockedout.zip ============================= New menu graphics. A bunch of map fixes co-op-wise and some for singleplayer. Softer intermission graphics. Adjusted map order. Compared to the last two, the changes here aren't as major, hence why i've holded off updating the build. I plan to release Blocked-Out during October. Currently, my goal is to replace the placeholder ending with the real one i've been working on.
  4. Matakrow

    ⚫ Blocked-Out Is Compiling... ⚫

    Depends. How easier or harder are you planning on making it?
  5. Matakrow

    ⚫ Blocked-Out Is Compiling... ⚫

    Everything's all right here. I've just been working on miscellaneous stuff & co-op bugfixes again.
  6. Matakrow

    ⚫ Blocked-Out Is Compiling... ⚫

    I used moving sectors to distribute the cell packs in intervals instead of constant conveyors.
  7. Matakrow

    ⚫ Blocked-Out Is Compiling... ⚫

    Alright. Blocked-Out's second beta build is here! ============================= blockedout.zip ============================= Here are the noticable changes. Blocked Out can now be beaten in co-op without cheating. BFG Testing Facility can now be ran with ZDoom ports without it becoming a slideshow. The map order has been rearranged to supress difficulty spikes.
  8. Matakrow

    Coop Survival mode - we need this in GZ DOOM!

    There's a mod made by @Doommarine_maxi that does exactly what you're requesting! Good luck with Gzdoom Multiplayer, you'll need it!
  9. Matakrow

    ⚫ Blocked-Out Is Compiling... ⚫

    Could you also add a lift out of this pit here please?
  10. Matakrow

    ⚫ Blocked-Out Is Compiling... ⚫

    Updated! Currently, your map is now the 17th one.