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  1. GoosebumpsFan

    Tips on decorating outdoor and indoor areas?

    thx bro
  2. GoosebumpsFan

    How do you fix a cut sky?

    Make a skybox in GLDEFS
  3. GoosebumpsFan

    Is there a point removing unused textures?

    No, the FPS stays the same. However you do want to remove the unused textures because of file space.
  4. GoosebumpsFan

    Tips on decorating outdoor and indoor areas?

    Slap a grass texture on the floor, make a reasonably high ceiling, slap a sky on the ceiling, and make some barriers around the edge that have a low ceiling and sky texture . Then, you slap some trees in, and you are done!
  5. GoosebumpsFan

    Are you an active DoomWorld Playtester?

    No, but thanks for asking :)
  6. GoosebumpsFan

    Reasons for still using ZDoom?

    and WildWeasel's nazis
  7. GoosebumpsFan

    The Doom Comic Is Now Playable!

  8. GoosebumpsFan

    The Doom Comic Is Now Playable!

    those are some thicc door traks
  9. GoosebumpsFan

    What is your favorite monster & gun?

    ssg and pain elemental
  10. GoosebumpsFan

    I want to make custom doom weapons sprites.

    did it in doom's style for ya used ms paint - but you shouldn't
  11. GoosebumpsFan

    The Cyberdemons's Eyes

    I need to remove the big red eyes and have just a nose would look great. also Pyborg nice profile pic; pvz was and still is a good game
  12. GoosebumpsFan

    What demon annoys you the most?

    archviles really annoying when i first encountered them
  13. GoosebumpsFan

    A problem with menudef

    ListMenu "EntryWay" { StaticTextCentered 160, 6, "START GAME" Font "SMALLFONT", "RED", "RED" Linespacing 14 Position 48, 36 IfGame (Doom, Strife, Chex) { PlayerNameBox "Username", 0, "Playerbox" Selector "-", -16, -1 } IfGame(Heretic, Hexen) { PlayerNameBox "Username", 5, "Playerbox" Selector "-", -16, 1 } IfGame(Doom, Heretic, Strife, Chex) { MouseWindow 0, 220 PlayerDisplay 220, 48, "20 00 00", "80 00 40", 1, "PlayerDisplay" } IfGame(Hexen) { MouseWindow 0, 220 PlayerDisplay 220, 48, "00 07 00", "40 53 40", 1, "PlayerDisplay" } TextItem "New Game", "w", "PlayerClassMenu" // [TP] TextItem "Load & Save", "g", "GameFilesMenu" Position 97, 180 Font "SMALLFONT", "GRAY", "GOLD" TextItem "How Do I Play?","r", "ReadThisMenu" } So, what I am trying to do here is add a box where you can type your playername. I copied the player name display from zandronum.pk3 and when you click on the username box, it just logs unknown menu PlayerBox. I am using Zandronum 3.0.1
  14. GoosebumpsFan

    Whatever (needs a better name)

    looks pretty good
  15. GoosebumpsFan

    Just got YT'd

    Remember my thread a while ago about my new YT channel? Well that lasted a little while. A month ago, I uninstalled Windows 10 and installed glorious Ubuntu. Right around then, I signed into my YT channel. That's where it went wrong. Google decided to lock me out of my account because, well it was a "different computer" I try all of the account recovery options, but it just can't recognize my computer. So, I made a new channel, which I will make some doom-related content on. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNbl_6zIzFkO04ETkgac8aw I will play some of the mods you post, but last time there were too many and I got overwhelmed with them. so thats my shameless advertisement for my new YT channel