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  1. TheExemplar

    Doom Eternal Fan Film

    The Caco-mouth grenade shot with the transition into a possessed decapitation was excellent. A wee bit stiff animation but still a great watch.
  2. Hey man! Really appreciate all your feedback and kind words, it has been a very positive motivator having an unrelated 3rd party validate what I'm trying here in a way, so thank you for that. On the point of the music, I've uploaded the most recent episode (over an hour long, hence the wait), and I'm trying to remove the music completely for now and see if it works going forward. I don't want to use any copyrighted material for the videos, so I've been making my own music and stuff for it. I actually cut a big portion out of the most recent episode of me discussing the geometry of the "levels" in the book so far, but I cut it for pacing reasons. It IS already over an hour long. Either way thanks to you and others for the comments!
  3. Hey everyone, didn't want to spam the forum but I have since covered chapter 1 and 2. If you're interested, here is a link to the video covering chapter 1. Hope everyone is keeping well! - The Exemplar
  4. So I found this forum while looking for like-minded individuals to discuss the first Doom book that I'm doing a light-hearted deep dive on. I'd like any feedback but I mostly hope you enjoy listening in as much as I am reading it. Here is the video! Thanks - The Exemplar Edit: made link a hyperlink