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  1. Is it possible to make a packer for the resources? Mostly interested for Orcs and Elves, because the font and hud are too small; And for Doom II RPG because the status bar does not stretch.
  2. So, this is my youtube channel . I have several BREW-based phones and a BREW based Brazilian video game console, and some game content for them. I am sharing footage of this stuff each Friday. Relevant to this forum are: Doom II RPG Orcs and Elves Orcs and Elves II Wolfenstein RPG
  3. Thanks to you! If I find some, I will share. P.S. Might you be interested in some gameplay footage of the above BREW games? I could not find whether it is allowed or forbidden under the forum rules to post a link to one's own youtube channel. In fact I could not find effective and official forum rules. So just asking.
  4. Hello, Just got to register here to say thank you to the topic-starter for having made the extractors of the games above. May I ask the topic-starter to make the similar extractor for the following two BREW games: Orcs and Elves 1 (version for phones with reduced capabilities, without floor textures) https://mega.nz/file/vKJDDYrA#Q5Q642eAeAvUo9PdA27WhQMyOs09ENuLez0zzy1HU98 WolfensteinRPG (better version then the one I have earlier uploaded, with floor textures) https://mega.nz/file/naQlwCJI#ikcz0D6a1T0Tyo3uGxM1preeQJS5Pun4FY91NO_0xPM Regards